Are Fats Camps the Solution for Adult Obesity?

Can a weight loss camp for adults be the answer to many adults’ overweight problem? Is going to a fat camp the only option for many of these adults? This is a current debate among many health care providers and their patients that suffer with obesity. This article aims to bring some clarity to that debate for those just joining in on the discussion.

Before jumping into the discussion, there needs to be a clarification of the use of the term fat camp in this article. The term does sound very derogative, but fat camp is a very recognizable and accepted term to refer to programs that purposely isolate participants in order to have them focus on weight loss and weight management.

Is A Weight Loss Camp for Everyone?

So many people speak about struggling with their weight and feel they have lost the game before even beginning. A weight loss resort allows camp attendees to meet with weight loss professionals in an environment that has been designed to support those who struggle daily with their weight.

So many people flock to these weight loss camps under the notion they will be educated and motivated to lose weight in a safe environment that understands their needs and issues.

How Do These Weight Loss Facilities Provide Support

No matter what type of adult weight loss camp one attended, they all generally have the same characteristics. These common attributes are set forth below.

•    These camps provide environments where individuals are not judged and made to feel bad or embarrassed about their situation.
•    Most provide a community that is supportive and encouraging.
•    Fat camps integrate fun into the experience so that individuals associate positive feelings with losing weight.
•    Individuals are also educated on diet, exercise and lifestyle habits that will allow them to achieve and maintain their goals.
•    24/7 weight management focus.

Different Camps

There are a number of different types of camps that an individual can choose from. The main difference between many of the camps will be the type of packages they offer. For example, camps will differ in group size, length of time for each camp session, itinerary, and the services provided. The following a sampling of the different types of camps and what they may entail.

Boot Camps

These type of camps are usually for those seeking rapid weight loss. Boot camps focus very intense as well as physically demanding. There is weight loss boot camp for most levels of fitness and weights.

Weight Loss Resort

Resorts cater more to those who see a more private method. These camps can cater to individuals and small groups as well as couples. Weight Loss Resorts tend to be pricier than other camps because they provide a more exclusive environment for its participants.

Factors That Contribute To Costs

While fat camps will vary in cost and offer multiple packages, but overall these camps are seen very extremely. When examining a camp, individuals should keep in mind that these camps cover many of the following:

•    Quality of food
•    A staff of professionals that consist of nutritionists, psychologists, physical trainers, camp directors and other wellness professionals
•    Stylish accommodations
•    Exercise equipment, gyms and activities
•    Cleaning and maintenance

Other factors to consider when presented with the cost of the camp is the length of the camp, it’s the location and the season an individual plans to attend. These additional factors can greatly influence the cost of attendance.

The Verdict on Weight Loss Camps

There are many positives to an adult attending a weight loss camp if he or she is obese. It is an excellent opportunity for the individual to jump start their weight loss and obtain the tools to manage their weight loss once he or she leaves the camp.

However, some argue that these camps are money making schemes. They are charging top dollar for temporary fixes. This may be true, but ultimately it depends on the individual and the camp the individual attends. There is always bad along with the good. People need to do their research before signing up for a camp.

Wayne holds a Bachelor of Science in Exercise and Sports Science from the University of Utah. He is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist from the National Strength and Conditioning Association. He is also a Certified Coach of the American Sports Education Program (ASEP) and is CPR, AED certified. 


  1. I have been thinking of weight loss camps lately :) would be great to try! :)

  2. Weight is only a part of the issue, as you state. We all need to eat healthier and take better care of ourselves.