Artful and Easy Ways to Customize Your Door for the Holidays

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The holidays are a time that inspires the interior decorator in all of us, reconnecting us with childhood memories of handmade paper ornaments, wreaths, and the wrapping of presents.  The tactile nature of homemade Christmas décor becomes a conduit for our innate artistic expression when we pair our decorations with art or artistic elements.

Beyond The Wreath

Traditional wreaths often use pine, fir, and other typically “Christmas” trees as their base.  In recent times Christmas door decorations have become more adventurous, bringing in other elements, feathers, crockery, personal artifacts, and personal memorabilia such as ice skates, to give the “wreath” a contemporary makeover.   For those of who wish to incorporate art into their door décor, they might use urns, vases and other garden art to effect.  Topiary can be decorated with dried fruit, personal memorabilia, pine cones, lights and other elements to transform them from background effects to holiday highlights, on either side of the door.

Antique elements, such as vintage ribbon and photographs can be placed in wreaths, which can framed by vintage frames on the door to give depth and character to an otherwise traditional motif.   Wreaths are not restricted to the front door. For interior doors, wreaths can be framed by artwork or hung in a series of alternating smaller wreaths and pictures.  For a classic yet modern variation on the door wreath, consider using a large silver plate which can be animated by a few colorful ornaments.

Making A Grand Entrance

Large front entries offer greater possibilities for decoration.  Urns, wreaths, and antique lanterns or votives can be displayed in a variety of configurations: two urns and three wreaths, antique lanterns spanning from the door to the sidewalk, interspersed with sprigs of greenery and berries, and recurring elements, such as a centralizing color palette, draping a common green (i.e., grapevine, etc.) around each, or spray painting each with a certain color, to create harmony from the door to the floor of your entryway (Source: Anne Thull custom entry doorsun).

Door planters are another way to add depth and brilliance to your door’s décor.  Planters can incorporate botanical and personal elements to create a theme (the holiday gardener, the traveler, or the bric-a-brac collector) that will make your door stand apart.  Lastly, doors can be flanked with colorful orbs that can continue throughout the garden or be accents for trees in the yard, bringing a festive tone to one’s home.

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