Couple Wellness Retreat at Spa Infinity

Love note: This is NOT a sponsored post. Please read the entire article and have a good laugh just as we did. Happy reading! :D

On the 28th of last month, hubby and I went for a spa date at Spa Infinity. Hubby availed the Wellness Retreat package worth $25 per person. The promotion is exclusive for Citibank Rewards/Platinum Cardholders. The last time we had a relaxing spa was in February of last year at H Spa and Wellness Centre, Harris Waterfront Resort in Batam, Indonesia. Our spa date was an overdue couple treat.

Whilst H Spa and Wellness Centre is located in a rooftop with breathtaking hill and waterfront views of Batam Island, Spa Infinity is situated in the basement of Far East Shopping Centre. It is totally a different spa experience for us. I have to commend their nicely decorated and cozy lounge though. The artificial bamboo plants made up for the lack of nature love that I was missing.

Upon arrival, hubby and I were escorted to the male/female designated changing stations. We were asked to take off our clothes and wear the provided disposable underwear (for female) and boxer shorts (for male). The changing room is stocked with ample clean towels, bathrobes, slippers, disposable comb, toothbrush and toothpaste, facial tissue, cotton buds, lotion, and powder. There is also a hair dryer and hot and cold water dispenser.

There is also hot and cold jacuzzi pools plus sauna and steam bath intended for relaxation before the actual massage. Spa Infinity recommends costumers to spend 5 minutes in the hot pool followed by a 1-minute cold shower. The hot and cold therapy is said to stimulate blood circulation, detoxifies the internal organs, improves metabolism and rejuvenates the mind and body.

Steam bath on the other hand aids in detoxifying the body, nourishes the skin, aids in weight loss, improves skin complexion and helps treat respiratory problems like bronchitis, chest congestion and sinus. The hubby who is very keen to lose some weight went for steam bath while I stayed in the jacuzzi pool. As a precaution, it is best to consult your physician before using the facilities if you have heart problems or hypertension.

After making use of the facilities inside the changing room, we sipped warm ginger tea at the lounge while waiting for our turn to go to the massage room. Both the bathrobes for male and female looked overused with its faded colours. It's about time the Spa Infinity management replace it with new ones.

This is how the massage room look like. We requested a couple massage room but immediately changed our minds when we were told we had to pay additional $30. We were also offered a special oil for the massage for $28. Again, we declined and decided to just use the regular oil without additional charge. Yes, we are cheapskates like that. LOL.

I was attended by a Filipino masseuse while the husband on the other massage room was attended by a Myanmar. I requested for a light massage as I couldn't stand hard massage. The entire massage session is completely similar to the traditional Indonesian massage I had in Batam. For the first half of the session, I was asked to lie with my face facing the hole on the massage bed. The other half was the other way around. I immensely enjoyed the whole process although I find the pressure a bit too hard at times.

It feels like the masseuse is studying my skeletal body system by trying to locate and feel them while pressing underneath my skin. The masseuse reminded me of my General Anatomy professor when I was in the dental school who would ask his students to locate and identify their own bones from the skull, clavicles, vertebrae, pelvic bone all the way down to the metatarsals. I suspect the masseuse is a Physiotherapist by training. She did a great job!

It was a totally different story for the hubby though. He said the massage was too light for his liking. And the worst and most hilarious part was this: The masseuse said YOU ARE FAT right when she entered the massage room. Hahahahahahahahaha! Hubby and I were rolling and laughing out loud when he relayed the story to me. He promised himself to make an effort to burn some fats because he never wished to be called fat again. LOL.

After we came out from the massage room, we had another round of warm ginger tea at the lounge and a complimentary dessert was served to us at the Infinity Cafe. Apart from the "you are fat" insensitive remark, we immensely enjoyed our spa date. The Wellness Retreat package we took for only $50 came without hidden agenda. We even received a $20 Capita vouchers which made our wellness retreat only cost a total of $30. In other words, we got a big bang for our 50 bucks.

FYI: Infinity Spa also comes with vibration machines (see the very first photo, lowest right) and movie viewing station (not in photo). Their services include massage therapy, skincare, body treatment, radiofrequency, waxing and nailcare. They have an in-house chiropractor too. For complete information, visit


  1. a very well deserved treat for you and M Che, and yes indeed, that was very insensitive, we never say what is obvious, even my doctor make it a little bit gentle, like, "hmmm, you are now 5 lbs heavier than I last saw you, let's see how this increase in weight affected your over-all health", hahaha, he is so careful in telling me, "you have become fat!" :) LOL

  2. Hahahahaha great read! I felt I had a relaxing massage too! :) hmm fat is huggable and for health reasons I would prefer a fat man over one with hard muscles hehe..

  3. What a wonderful treat! I would love something like that.