French Eggs Benedict by Canelé: Cheap and Good

In one of the Saturdays where I had to report to work just to attend to one patient, I went to treat myself at Canelé in Plaza Singapura for brunch. The place was pretty quiet when I arrived but as the hands of the clock ticks by, patrons started swarming in. I was asked by the server to help myself with warm or cold water at the self-service counter while waiting for my brunch.

I ordered Eggs Benedict which to my surprise was cheap (the cheapest eggs benedict I've eaten in town) and good, in fact really good! I loved the duo of freshly-baked English muffins topped with ham, poached eggs and dressed in Hollandaise sauce. The tomato confit and garden salad on the side complemented the deliciousness of the meal. I am definitely coming back for it!

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