How To Prevent Premature Hair Loss

Premature hair loss is a common problem among men in their thirties and forties. Most men believe that this is just part of growing older and that they must just accept it. Perhaps their fathers, grandfathers or brothers also dealt with this problem and they think it is just their fate. However, most men do not realize that premature hair loss is not inevitable or non-preventable. The first step to preventing premature hair loss is to understand some of the causes.


Stress is a major contributing factor in hair loss in men and in women. Hair is made up of keratin. When a human is under a lot of stress their body will begin to slow down processes that are deemed not necessary to survival. The production of keratin in the hair follicles is not necessary to survival so that process will begin to slow down. Maintaining a healthy sense of calm can go a long way to slowing the hair loss process.


Some habits can also contribute to premature hair loss. Habits such as nervous hair pulling can cause balding in spots. This can be solved by addressing the cause of the nervous energy and trying to focus on another way to deal with nervous energy. Another habit that can contribute to premature hair loss is the wearing of hats. Many men must wear hats for long periods of time as part of their career or due to military service. When the scalp is constantly being deprived of oxygen, hair loss can occur. This is very common.


One of the lesser known contributors to premature hair loss is actually hormone imbalances. The most powerful hormone that affects hair growth is DHT. This hormone is created in the prostate and adrenal glands. This hormone can contribute to premature hair loss by affecting the size of the hair follicles. Most people think that hair loss is a result of the hair simply falling out. However, in the case of hormonal hair loss, the hormone DHT shrinks the size of the hair follicle until it is impossible for the hair to grow through the follicle. DHT also affects the amount of blood flow to hair follicle. This literally makes it impossible for new hair to regrow.

The Solution

The solution to premature hair loss is to block the DHT hormone so that it does not negatively affect your ability to regrow new hair. Because DHT is not the type of hormone that is necessary to your body’s health you can block it safely. DHT blockers are often prescription drugs or shampoos. Prescription drugs and shampoos can actually have some negative side effects. If you choose these types of DHT blockers you will need a prescription and you will need to discuss possible side effects with your doctor.

Another Alternative

There is, however, another alternative to prescription DHT blockers. Folliform is a natural alternative to prescription DHT blockers. Folliform is an all-natural supplement that can naturally block DHT so that you can begin re-growing your own hair again. Folliform has very few side effects. The most commonly reported side effect is hunger in the first few days of beginning the supplement. In addition to increased hair growth and hair thickness, many users also report an increased sex drive and general improvement in mood after beginning the recommended dosage.

VH Nutrition is the creator of Folliform and is educating the public about DHT and what can be done to stop it.

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