5 Ways to Keep Your Kids Safe

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Single parents face a number of unique challenges when raising kids alone. One of the most important challenges is keeping kids safe during the day. A single parent cannot always be at the side of a child. This means it is necessary to take steps to ensure children understand how to remain safe. It also means creating a secure environment at home. Single parents can keep kids safe by taking several steps.

Stay Informed

Single parents must stay informed in order to protect children today. This means paying attention to changing behaviors, getting to know friends and learning about what children do each day. Parents should be aware of what children are doing at home and at school. This will help parents to identify potential risks and take action if necessary.

Maintain a Safe Home

A home can be a dangerous place especially for curious older children who might be spending time alone in the house. Single parents should make sure the house is as safe as possible. Medications and alcohol should be locked away. Door and window locks should be in good condition. Safety items like fences around pools and electrical outlet covers should be installed if younger children are present. A safe house will prevent kids from sustaining injuries in the home.

Create Rules and Schedules

Single parents should create rules and schedules for kids. Rules should involve avoiding strangers and never allowing people into an empty house. They should also include a curfew for older kids. Children should be held to a schedule so a parent always knows where kids are supposed to be at any moment. The rules and schedule should be strictly enforced. This will increase safety by encouraging children to make smart decisions during the day.

Use Technology

Many technologies will help a single parent to help keep kids safe. A cell phone allows kids to call if a problem or unexpected event occurs. They also allow a parent to call to check on a child. A wireless home security system can send alerts when the child arrives home or if sensors are triggered during the day. Home security cameras allow parents to check on children from an app or computer. Technology can increase safety even when kids are not at home.

Develop Action Plans

Single parents should develop one or more action plans with kids. Children should understand exactly what to do in the event of a fire, home intrusion or natural disaster. Children should know the names and phone numbers of trusted neighbors and family members who can provide help or shelter. Kids should also know where important locations like police and fire stations are located. The parent and the kids should practice the action plans together to reinforce the information.

Very few things take the first spot of priorities when you have children. Keeping them safe is of the utmost importance for many parents, it should be. That said, nothing can prepare you for single parenthood except getting your hands dirty. However, making sure that you're doing with all the possibilities and opportunities out there is important. If you find yourself having to plan for such an event as single parenting, make sure that you are fully prepared and equiped with the best information you can present in court.

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