Traditional Handmade Pies for Your Business

There are many lines of business where delivering a tasty, memorable dessert to your customers might make all the difference between success and failure.

Those businesses most likely to spring to mind, for example, might be:

  • hotels;
  • caterers;
  • cafes;
  • canteens;
  • pubs;
  • restaurants;
  • mobile food stalls;
  • bakers;
  • sports clubs; and of course
  • the wholesalers and distributors who supply them.

  • The proof’s in the pudding

    When it comes to delicious desserts, of course, many people are likely to turn to the traditional British favourites such as apple crumble and custard. But it’s one thing just to supply one of a job lot of standard, industrially processed pie, and another thing entirely to serve up one that is entirely handmade, using locally sourced ingredients, quickly and freshly baked.

    Sounds like a tall order? That’s just where specialist pie makers, such as Kent-based, traditional family business Goddards Pies, aim to deliver the quality product that will have your customers coming back for more.

    The ingredients

    If you are looking to supply or serve fruit desserts that are a cut above the rest, you will want to ensure that only the best ingredients have gone into them. This is likely to involve using locally-sourced produce – which is also good for the local economy and the planet as a whole – from tasty cherries and plums for example, to the flour.

    A little attention to such basic detail can go a long way to increasing customer satisfaction.

    Traditional handmade pies

    You can also be adding value to your business by supplying pies and desserts that have been handmade to traditional recipes. Once again, making a pie from scratch and sticking to traditionally-proven recipes might be a little more time-consuming – in family run handmade pie businesses you can expect cooks to be sampling the product at every stage of its preparation. But the difference in taste, appearance and quality is likely to be only too apparent by the way they fly off your shelves.

    Traditional recipes, of course, rely on the use of only good quality, fresh fruit that has been properly prepared. Unlike many of their processed cousins, handmade desserts have that authentic home cooked taste that really finishes off a meal.

    The crumble itself, of course, is likely to be one of the secrets to a truly good, full and flavoursome dessert with some suppliers offering mouth watering, rich all butter crumble toppings on their fruit fillings.

    All this attention to detail of course makes things more time-consuming for the pie maker. But that doesn’t make it any more time-consuming for you or your customers. Bulk supplies of frozen desserts can be delivered frozen and either baked or unbaked – for you to choose whether you or your customers want them freshly baked at the point of sale or simply popped into the microwave ready to serve.


    Whether you are a wholesaler or distributor, or involved in any way in the catering trade, you might want to boost your business with the supply of traditional handmade British pies and desserts, delivered in bulk and with the possibility of ordering mixed pallets

    Traditional family businesses such as these typically serve the broad region in which they are based. Because all the products are shipped frozen, however, deliveries can also be made through frozen food distributors and wholesalers throughout the country – and often abroad.

    Sean Horton is Director at Goddards Pies. Goddard's Pies started life in 1890 and continues to produce high quality hand made pies. They are the UK's leading supplier of pie mash and liquor to the trade. Goddard's Pies continues to grow its wholesale side and supplies handmade pies to wholesalers and foodservice companies. I am responsible for finance, marketing, sales, IT, legal and pie tasting!

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