I’ve longed and prayed for a playmate
I wished for a baby brother day and night
Thank you Jesus for answering my prayer
I will do my best to be a good sister
I promise to be his bestfriend and protector

My dear twinkle little star
I can’t wait to be your teacher
I will teach you ABC
I will let you count 123
As easy and breezy as lemon squeezy

We’ll gonna play tickle time together
I will even let you bite my clean finger
As Charlie the YouTube baby did to his brother
I will also teach you about plants and animals
I will tell you more about God’s amazing love

My little brother will come out very soon
There is so much to see in God’s creation
Be healthy, be safe... I pray everyday
You are a falling star that granted my wish

You are God’s most precious gift



You came into my life unprepared
Scrutiny and agony I wasn’t spared
I thought you ruined my carefree life
I didn’t know you’re a blessing in disguise

Ultimately I surrendered to my twist of fate
Together we faced such miserable state
My child let’s hang on together I affirmed
I promise someday we’ll see the tunnel’s end

One stormy afternoon my angel was born
I was overjoyed even when I’m scorned
Optimism engulfed my mind and heart
I am going to be tough no matter what

We happened to stumble upon a rough path
There is no single day that passed unscathed
I had no time to waste to be idling
I left in haste to save us from struggling

I took responsibility of my biggest gaffe
I conquered every stone thrown my way
You were my dependable pillar of strength
You became the reason of my life’s existence


On this day, God wants you to know

... that it's never too late to get back on track. Never has anyone gone so far on the wrong path that they cannot return to the right one. Never has anyone become so wayward that they cannot benefit from the true light.

Love me, Love me not By CSCalasanz

Grains of lie
Chain of perfidy
Love abused
Trust betrayed
Tattered heart
Troubled psyche
Tormented soul
Chastised mortal

Is it impetuous?
Is it erroneous?
To restore sanity and dignity
And end martyrdom and folly
I have sinned and atoned
I am but human flawed
God loves me for who I am
I don’t care who loathe me then

Tangles by CSCalasanz

Can you fathom the beauty of tangles?

It’s likened to a life full of twists and turns.

When you’re blinded by the agony it brings,

You’ll never discern the grandeur it conceals. 

Sunset by CSCalasanz

A silent fiery blaze
I find solace in my gaze
A reflection of burning passion
Painted in mystifying revelation

Oh most coveted sunset
Shadows of the past is haunting me
Heal my wounded soul
Amidst this shadowy journey

Shed light in my troubled heart
Burn me into ashes and fall apart
Let me vanish with you in the air
And drift away to unearth my long lost flare

BLUE by CSCalasanz

            Two souls dance in the music called forever
Their eyes fixed intensely to one another
They mumble words only their hearts comprehend
They share a special bond that no one can bend

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