Relive the ‘60s!

There would be no other perfect gift for a budding musician than a top of the line electric guitar. I have done my research on the item and have had a “eureka” moment. The Squier Classic Vibe Stratocasters at Musicians Friend were the guitars I was looking for. I was able to compare between the ‘50s and ‘60s model and I immediately fell in love with the latter. Its solid wood vintage body, the C-shaped maple neck and rosewood fingerboard is a visual delight. Of course, visual appeal is not all that I look for in a guitar. I need to know how it good a sound it makes. And I was not a bit disappointed. It had the ‘60s vibe, however with the new technology added, it gives me the much needed auditory impact at midrange and would definitely give me the intense thick sound I look for in a strat. Thanks to the custom set of Alnico V single coil pick-ups. I no longer have to have different guitars for jamming, practicing or for gigs. One Squier Classic Vibe ‘60s Stratocaster is THE only guitar I need.  The combination of vintage look, solid sound and price value is perfect. Did I mention that they also have models for lefties? Its just absolutely amazing. I am in guitar heaven!

~ Eileen

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  1. The hubby and Roel are both lefties! I finally found the best guitar for them :)