The Best of 2013

It's time to count our family blessings for the year of 2013! In anticipation of a busy year end, I decided to post this much earlier. I enjoy doing this year after year. It makes me realize how blessed my life is and it makes my heart explode from gratefulness. GOD is great, all the time!


28th of January 2013, we finally got hold of the keys of our own house!!! So surreal! We finally have a place we can proudly call OUR HOME. It's just the beginning of the year and we already received one of the biggest blessings from GOD. Now, who says 13 is an unlucky number? GOD realized one of our biggest dreams in 2013! We give back all the glory and honour to Him.


Blessed to have my mom who is always ready to come to our rescue when we need her to help us take care of the children. We celebrated her 68th birthday in February and I am so grateful that she is still strong and healthy at her age. My mom also never fails to extend financial aid to my family. In fact, she lent us some of her pension so that we can proceed to purchase our own flat here in Singapore. We are very grateful to her.


On the 31st of March 2013, we celebrated the resurrection of Jesus Christ and held Catholic house blessing with Father Joseph on Easter Sunday. Although our flat was still devoid of proper interior fixtures, it is filled with God's love, laughters and blessings.


13th of April 2013, I was invited to a food trail at Bugis Junction. I am thankful for all the good food we had that day but what I am most grateful about was meeting new friends. Up to this day, we still keep in touch and we occasionally meet during food tastings and other blog related events. In fact, one of them just gave birth to a lovely baby girl! I can't wait to pay her a visit!


My sister and her family came to visit us in May! We had a blast touring them around Singapore and for five days, we have one big family in our new place. In fact, we didn't hold any formal house warming but their visit has warmed our hearts and our home. My kids had a whale of a time bonding with their cousins. Living in Singapore since 2005 made us long for presence of our siblings and their families always.


On the first day of June school holidays, my daughter and I were invited to a Kid's Fun Day at The Grandstand. My girl had a blast with other kids doing all the activities lined up for them for the whole day which include lego fun, craft session, soap making, spa session, yoga lesson, and food indulgence at Treehouse Cafe. 

June seem to be my busiest month as a blogger. On the same month, I was awarded a $200 cheque by Domino's Pizza as one of the top 10 bloggers who influenced readers to buy Domino's Pizza using a blogger code, I was invited for a food tasting at Ippudo Sg in Mandarin Gallery and I also attended the pre-launch of LG Optimus G Pro at Patisserie G

My busyness didn't stop me to fulfil my mommy duties. I also arranged a tea play date for my girl and her friend since she normally gets very bored during school holidays. I also hosted a mini-gathering at home with my college friends. They are the second batch (my sister's family was the first) to visit and warmed our home.


We celebrated my boy's 2nd birthday on the 23rd of July 2013. The photo above greatly portrays how we live a blissfully chaotic family life. I am very grateful for the gift of a happy and healthy family. There are definitely more bliss than chaos in our lives. 


My girl turned 11 and my hubby turned 39 years old. They are two of my life's biggest blessings, I couldn't imagine life without them in it. I thank God for giving me the sweetest daughter and the most loving husband in the world.


On the first day of September school holidays, we brought the kids to Legoland Malaysia. We initially had no plans to go out of town this year but our Community Club arranged a very reasonably priced One Day Legoland Malaysia Tour so we grabbed the chance scratch our itchy feet. The kids had so much fun, we will definitely come back when my boy is a little older.


On the 28th of October 2013, hubby and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary. We went for a date and had a quality couple time away from the kids. I also celebrated my 35th birthday on the 29th and I felt like I have never been so blessed in my entire life. I am really grateful for the gift of second chance and amazing life!


In collaboration with Travel Delight, we made a second trip to Nusajaya, Johor Bahru - Malaysia to explore Hello Kitty Town, Lat's Place and The Little Big Club. The kids had loads of fun! Thank God for blogging perks and travel opportunities. The wanderlust in me is so happy!


To cap our blessed 2013, we went for a relaxing staycation at Shangri-La's Rasa Sentosa Resort. It was intended to celebrate a year full of blessings. We also wanted to spend some quiet time away from the hustle and bustle of the city life and give the children time to enjoy sand and water under the sun. During our staycation, we took the opportunity to take-in all the goodness of life and give honour and glory to GOD.

We thank and praise GOD for the many wonderful blessings we received this year and the past couple of years. Our hearts are filled with gratitude and overwhelming happiness for having Him as the centre of our lives. He's always there to guide us in our life's journey, keeping us safe, happy, healthy and very, very blessed every second of our lives. We are always and forever grateful!

Have you counted your blessings? You'll be surprised how blessed you are if you do! Start counting your blessings now! Here's wishing you and you love ones a meaningful Christmas and a blessed year ahead! Blessings and love from my family to yours!



  1. Whew, reading this makes me think how fast time flew!!! And how blessed I am to have you for a twinzy! Orlicious turned 39 this year and roel is 11 y/o now, add that to our common denominators :) plus ever supportive moms and dads in me you are not only a great blogger but a true friend and a huge Blessing bec you inspire me to live a purpose driven life :)

  2. You and Zen are really twinzies Che, so many common denominators, so very happy for you for all the wonderful blessings that came your way.

  3. Did not know if my comment went through earlier :( if it didn't, blogger took it away :( anyway, so very happy for you Che, for all the wonderful blessings that came your way.

  4. God is indeed good to those who trust in Him and are a blessing to others. More blessings next year!