The Moroccan Climate – When’s the Best Time to Travel?

The Moroccan temperatures vary throughout the year and the specific location of the country means that it experiences all sorts of different climates. On the map, Morocco is situated in a position that makes it vulnerable to weather conditions seen in Africa, Asia and Europe.

For this reason, many tourists struggle to find the best time to visit Morocco as they search for the ideal climate. In truth, you can find the ideal climate conditions to suit your preferences all year round, though the recommended months to visit Morocco fall around November in the Autumn and May in the latter parts of the Spring time.

Due to the fluctuating temperatures across the country throughout the various seasons, the notably calmer conditions are seen during the spring and autumn. During winter, Morocco can be extremely cold overnight especially in the Sahara desert regions despite being located in the South.

The sun in Morocco plays a vital role in warming up the country in the winter. This can make visiting Morocco in the winter an overall pleasant experience with reasonably warm temperatures despite the colder nights.

If you decide to travel in winter and want to experience warmer climates, have a look at the Southern parts of the country, in cities such as Fes. It is also warm along the Mediterranean and Atlantic coastlines regardless of the season.

The divide created by the Atlas Mountains creates two different weather patterns. In the South, the Sahara desert plays a huge role in affecting the temperature. On the other hand, the Northern regions of Morocco are greatly affected by western winds which keeps it much cooler.

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If you visit the Middle Atlas on your holiday in Morocco, you are likely to be greeted by very cold temperatures with regular snowfall. Many tourists take advantage of this time by skiing on the mountains at designated ski resorts.

On the contrary, the summer can get very hot in Morocco. If you do decide to come up against the often uncomfortable temperatures during the summer, make the most of coastal regions that where climate is affected by the soothing winds.

Coastal cities tend to be the most mild and pleasant of all areas in Morocco, making beach resorts an idyllic setting for many tourists all year round. The Atlantic coast provides hot summers for tourists to bask in the sun. The winters are generally not too cold, though they can be particularly wet with unpredictable rain clouds arriving on a regular basis.

The most varied temperatures are in the South, though they tend not to be too cold. This makes it the perfect destination for a holiday between autumn and spring. All in all, there are plenty of different climates around in Morocco so you can be sure you will find the perfect place to visit whenever you decide to travel.

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  1. it's very similar to us too in California, there is no same weather in the State depends on which side you are, along the coast (mild), mountains and deserts, which get too much snow and icy.