3 Popular Types of Prom Dress to Choose From

Prom night is every girl's most awaited night in their high school life. It is a memorable night where they look forward to wear a perfect prom dress in front of their crush or first love and dance the night away. During my high school days, I always find myself so elated and anxious at the same time when the prom season kicks off. I start to get jitters all over my body every time the teacher announces the official date of the prom night.

On one hand, I am elated because I finally get to officially dance with my first prince feeling like a real princess. On the other hand, I feel anxious because I don't have a good fashion sense to pick the perfect prom dress that will complement my dark skin tone and matchstick physique. Yes, I used to be too thin in my teenage years and I have a flat chest which made my classmates think I am an exact replica of a matchstick.

All thanks to my sister who's always there to guide and help me choose what to wear in such a special occasion. I trust her fashion sense because she always dress so chic and fashionable. In fact, she was given a "She's Got The Look" award by her students because she carries herself so well. I learned from her that there are 3 popular types of prom dress to choose from, and they can be found at dressfirst.com:

1) Mermaid Prom Dress

According to my personal fashion guru, the mermaid prom dress is suitable for my body type. She said the "mermaid tail" of the gown will let anyone stop from calling me a matchstick. This type of bodice prom dress apparently  highlights my then 22 inches waist line and creates a loose flowing fit for the hips and lower end. If there's a gown that will complement your hidden curves, this is it!

2) Mid-length Prom Dress

When we talk about prom dress, we think about long gowns naturally. My sister said mid-length prom dresses can be very stylish, elegant and fun to wear too especially if you have a nice pair of legs worth flaunting. If you wish to stand out from the rest, this is a good choice for you as many girls would go for the traditional long gowns during prom nights.

3) A-Line/Princess Prom Dress

My sister said A-Line/Princess floor length prom dresses are the traditional gown of choice for many girls. What makes this prom dress special is the way it will make any girl feel like a real princess. I will definitely consider buying this for my girl in the near future as she is into anything pink, glittery and "princessy". I just hope her fashion sense will not change in the course of time.

Do you know any other type of prom dress you would love to wear? Please feel free to leave a comment in the comment box below. I am off to dreamland, wear my perfect prom dress and dance with my prince. :)

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