5 Family Christmas Traditions

Here's our family's Christmas traditions:

1. Bring the kids at Orchard Road to marvel in the unique and beautiful Christmas trees, lights and decorations around the area. I shared about our 2012 Christmas' wandering here. Last year, we did the same thing and ended our adventure with gastronomic indulgence at Four Fingers.

inside Ion Orchard's Mistletoe Christmas Tree
Ion Orchard's Mistletoe Christmas Tree 2013

2. Shop at Takashimaya for gifts. Last Christmas season, hubby and I managed to make two trips at Takashimaya. One trip was during weekday without the kids, we purposely did not bring them along because we wanted to surprise them with their gifts. The other trip was with the kids, we brought them at Christmas Fantasy merely for window shopping.

a boy hugging a big cookie monster stuff toy
Little rabbit hugging Cookie Monster at Christmas Fantasy, Takashimaya

3. Attend Christ-mass. Last Christmas eve, we managed to attend the Children's mass at 8pm. We intentionally went to the church about half an hour earlier so that we could get a good spot for the kids to witness the priest deliver Baby Jesus at the Nativity scene. We want them to understand that Christmas is the celebration of the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. The Children's Choir serenaded us with Christmas songs whilst waiting for the mass to start. You can view the instavideo I took on my Instagram feed (@sweetmemoirs).

Children's Choir singing at Holy Trinity Church on Christmas Eve
Children's Choir singing Christmas Carols at Holy Trinity Church on Christmas Eve

4. Noche-buena (traditional Christmas eve dinner with the family). We feasted on a mixture of home-cooked food (my special spaghetti and my girl's baked muffins), food we ordered from Fairprice: pork ribs and ham (not in photo) and Christmas goodies and wine from the hampers I received from work. I also made it a habit to buy a fruity sparkling drink to complete the festive celebration. 
traditional family dinner on Christmas eve
Our Noche Buena 2013

5. Get the kids to open their gifts from Santa Claus. Apart from hanging Santa socks at the strike of December first, my older kid always look forward to opening her gifts from Santa Claus every Christmas eve. Christmas is the only time we buy new toys and school stuff for the kids. My girl has been lusting on Smiggles stationary and a toy kitchen for the longest time but we let her wait for almost a year to get what she wants. Good things come to those who patiently wait, eh? My boy on the other hand is into cars so we got him car track with tiny cars, bus and lorry. 
kids opening their Christmas gifts from Santa Claus
The kids opening their Christmas gifts from Santa Claus

There you have it, our family's Christmas traditions. Care to share yours? 


  1. Hmmmm you made me crave for spaghetti ! K and G both look so happy about their gifts....I miss the times my boys still believed in Santa hahaha.....

  2. love that idea of have the kids window shopping, then, you get the idea of what to buy too, the joys in little and big rabbits' faces are always so priceless Che