5 Natural Cleaning Products Readily Available in Your Kitchen

If you happen to have OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder) specifically under the category "washers" (people with cleaning compulsions), chances are you have hoarded all the available cleaning products from the supermarket already. Most of store-bought cleaning solutions contain harmful chemicals. I am pretty sure you are very much aware of that but because of your OCD, you can't help but buy it anyway right?

Why not try these 5 natural cleaning products that are most likely available in your own kitchen?

Baking soda 

According to howstuffworks.com, baking soda's cleaning power is mostly physical. A mild abrasive, it gently wears away stains. But chemistry is involved, too. Baking soda reacts with the grease in stains to form glycerol, a common cleansing ingredient in soaps. Mixing it with vinegar creates carbonic acid, a weak acid that boosts the corrosive action of vinegar. It also releases carbon dioxide, the gas that makes soft drinks bubbly, which may enhance the scrubbing effect. Also, as a weak alkali, baking soda neutralizes acids in odor molecules to eliminate strong smells.

Lemon juice

According to housekeeping.about.comLemon juice is another natural substance that can be used to clean your home. Lemon juice can be used to dissolve soap scum and hard water deposits. Lemon is a great substance to clean and shine brass and copper. 

Distilled white vinegar

Award-winning lifestyle blogger, Jenni Epperson listed 100 uses of distilled white vinegar here. Talk about endless possibilities! If you don't have distilled white vinegar, an ordinary vinegar can do wonders too. Google vinegar as cleaning agent and presto, you will find a plethora of ideas on how to use this natural cleaning solution dubbed as "all-purpose cleaner". 

Corn starch

Reader's Digest listed new ways to use cornstarch here. I did more research online and found out that corn starch is really good for cleaning a carpet.


You may be as surprised as I am. Who would have thought, coca-cola has a good use as cleaning agent?! WikiHow listed the steps on how to clean a toilet with a Coke here. The next time you want to drink that bottle of Coke seating in your fridge, think again! It may save you from breaking your diet plan and help you get rid of the stubborn stains in your toilet bowl at the same time. It's a win-win scenario, don't you think so? :D

So there you have it! Save money, keep away from harmful chemicals, happy cleaning and enjoy your sparkling clean home!

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  1. psssttt will try out coco cola one of these days and blog about it...been hearing about its cleaning property a lot...

  2. I use all but Coke, have not tried it since we dont drink Coke but a good advise, if simply just sitting there, pour it down toilet bowl

  3. It is nice to consider natural cleaning products.