5 Reasons Why We Refuse To Buy a Pet Dog

Big rabbit wants a dog for a pet but we can't give in to her request for the following reasons:

1. The kids have sensitive lungs. We can't live with dog fur all over the house.

2. No one is willing to clean dog poo and urine.

3. We live in a shoebox. We can consider having one if we live in a landed property with backyard.

4. Dog food, medicine, grooming and dog bark collar are expensive. We don't have budget for it.

5. The dog itself is expensive. LOL


  1. hehehehe the kids have been asking me for another dog...one with breed...it is still in the process of deliberation in the house...

  2. same reason Che, I am actually allergic to fur :( and we are out a lot, and a lot of trails we go to, dogs are not allowed for they may disrupt wildlife, or they may attract wildlife, :(