5 Things I want to Include in my Boy's Room

When our boy starts going to primary school, we want him to have his own room. That is less than 5 years from now so we still have ample time to plan, save up and give life to our vision.

Here are the 5 things I wish to include in my boy's future room:

1) A reading nook

I want him to develop a habit of reading good books and eventually become a bookworm like his big sister.

2) A car bed.

This is more of the hubby's dream than mine. Our boy is into cars so a car bed would perfectly suit him.

3) A music corner

Our boy is a little music lover. He loves to sing, tap the piano keys, beat the drums and play guitar. The great jackson guitar at Musicians Friend would be a good investment for his music corner.

4) Play den

We now have a play room slash home office but the same room have to converted as the boy's room when the time comes as we only have 3 rooms at home. We definitely need a little space in his future room to accommodate all his collection of toys.

5) Study area

The little boy is currently using his convertible high chair as study table. We might have to buy him a sturdy study table and chair when he formally enter primary school.

I hope I did not miss out anything important. How about you? What is your idea of a boy's room?

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