6 Ways to Improve Your Home Décor

Are you sitting in your home now, surrounded by the same decor you’ve had for years. So many of us seem to stop looking at the decoration in our own homes because we have become so used to seeing it. But we should be using our homes to celebrate our own style and passions, the decoration should make you smile each morning when you see it. Sometimes all you need to achieve this is a bit of life injecting into the old style.

Here’s 6 things to try on your own place.

1. Unique art
Don’t go for the mass produced art you can pick up for a fiver. Go for 1 or 2 unique prints or even originals, maybe from a local artist. Do you have a piece of art you’ve had hanging up for so long you’ve forgotten it’s there? Find a new modern looking frame and re frame it. If it’s a traditional painting, the mix of old and new can look so stylish. If you have kids, frame some of their homemade art in some funky frames for around the house, this gives a house a loving, homely feel and unique to you.

2. Big Cushions!
Big, bright, bold cushions! Adding a new colour or pattern to a room is so easy with cushions. They are inexpensive and easy to implement, just throw them on the sofa. Big cushions placed on your usual couch can make a big difference. You’re guest’s eyes will be instantly drawn to them and will give your room a colourful, bright feel. More than just style though, they are just great to cosy up to.

3.  A vintage piece
Whether your room is modern or just a collection of furniture you’ve acquired over the years, a classic, beautiful vintage piece could fit in anywhere and give the room some character and soul. Whether you choose a little wooden cabinet, a great ornate mirror, or just a little stool with a beautiful vintage covering.

4. Bring Nature In
Nature can give a home life and colour all in one. You don’t have to go crazy and turn your front room into a greenhouse but just simple touches here and there can look great. You don’t even have to pay to create something nice, a few unusual looking sticks you can find in your local park, placed in a tall vase or some freshly picked flowers from your own garden or even some pebbles and shells from a trip to the beach, displayed in a clear jar.

5. Re Purposing
Things like stencilling and painted on patters bring up nasty memories of scary 80s décor but done in a modern way these can have a great effect. This can be the perfect quick and simple way to turn an old shabby piece of furniture into shabby chic. Pick a gorgeous colour to contrast over a white base, and usestencils to effortlessly create a really stylish pattern.

6. New Metal
This is the best, cheapest, quickest option for giving your home a bit of style. Changing your door handles, cupboard handles and drawer knobs can instantly make everything look brand new. Plus there is so many options to suit your style. Go romantic and vintage with ornate gold, or go eccentric with bright pattered ceramic knobs, adding a splash of colour everywhere.

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  1. so neat, love the look, indeed, less is more, i am inspired to stay home this weekend haha, nope, will try to re-arrange living room and do major cleaning tomorrow instead, can't give up weekend wanderings :)