Breakfast of Champions (Healthier Version)

Every weekend, I personally prepare breakfast for the family. We used to eat fried rice, fried egg and other fried processed foods in the morning but nowadays I opt to prepare healthier versions of breakfast of the champions.

Version 1 (photo above)

Toasted wholemeal bread topped with lettuce, rockets, cherry tomatoes and avocado. Most times, I use spinach as a replacement for lettuce and rockets. Cheese is optional.

Version 2

Wholemeal wrap with baby spinach, avocado, and cherry tomatoes sprinkled with fresh lemon juice. You may opt to add boiled egg or grated cheese if your family members need more energy in the morning.

Version 3

Wholemeal wrap with lettuce or baby spinach, tuna, tomatoes, and sprinkled with fresh lemon juice. You may opt to add white onion and pepper. For variety, use steamed chicken breast without skin or steamed salmon or any kind of fish fillet instead of tuna. I don't encourage use of salt but if you wish your meal with a dash of salt, it shouldn't hurt as long as it doesn't turn out to be too salty.

Version 4

Greek yogurt with banana, blueberries, strawberry, chia seeds gel, roasted nuts and crunchy oats. My choice of fruits and nuts depends on what is available in our fridge. For variety, I stock up dried cranberries and fresh raspberries.

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