Dating Oneself: Late Lunch at Brunetti


Ante script: (You are allowed to skip this and jump to the main script, but you might miss having a good laugh.)

Our accounts personnel who happened to be superman's elder sister needed to use my work PC today because she's not able to log-in in her accounting software using her own PC. I took the chance to take a break from doing my paper and computer works and decided to go and date myself.

Some of you may say, WHAT? DATE ONESELF? ARE YOU A LONER?

Oh well, dating myself has become a good habit of mine. It was a great influence by the award-winning lifestyle blogger, Jenni Epperson.

That's my way of saying, HELLO?! I AM PERFECTLY NORMAL. ARE YOU?


Anyway, enough of my nonsense. Haha!

I usually pack home-cooked food for lunch for three reasons:

1) Save money.
2) I dislike eating within the hospital premises.
3) Too lazy to walk under the scorching sun all the way to Tanglin Mall just to grab a good lunch.

I did pack my lunch today but ahem, I decided to eat it for breakfast. Diet? Who's on diet? *Insert innocent-faced emoticon here* LOL.

Main script: 

So off I went to Tanglin Mall to grab a good lunch. It was almost 2pm when I walked under the shade of my pink umbrella. It was drizzling but the drizzles are too light you could mistake it for snowflakes if only it's as white as paper. I love the cool weather, I reached Tanglin Mall without sweaty armpits for the very first time. LOL.

I debated with myself whether to:

a) Eat at food court to have my pasta fix at Simply Pasta.
b) Eat at my favourite eating place in Tanglin Mall - Chilli's, no less, and have a molten lava cake for dessert.
c) Eat again at Paul Boulangerie and Patisserie.
d) Try eating at Brunetti which I have been meaning to try for the longest time.

Naturally, I went for the latter because I enjoy trying new gourmand places.

When I stepped foot at Brunetti, I browsed their menu which is placed conveniently right at the entrance. Their breakfast offerings caught my eyes but was saddened when I read it is only available until 11am.

To my delight, I found the all-day breakfast offerings when I flipped the menu on the next page. If you still don't know, I actually developed a not-so-secret affair with all-day breakfasts eversince I tried it at Wild Honey.

My all time favourite all-day breakfast nowadays is none other than Eggs Benedict. I just raved about Canele's cheap and good eggs benedict recently, remember?

So I ordered Brunetti's Sicilian Eggs Benedict. No brainer, right?

Since it's a special date with myself, I was allowed to have some good coffee too so I ordered Mocha.
(Sorry, dear hubby! I broke the golden rule and disappointed you again. Hehehe)

After paying for my order at the counter, the food crew told me that I am free to choose any table I fancy as he handed me the order number clipped in a metal stand.

The indoor dining area was full-house. I peeped through the glass door, only then I discovered they have al-fresco dining option. I found a great spot under a small tree. Dining al-fresco is perfect when Mr Sun is hiding behind the dark clouds.

Minutes later, my mocha arrived in style. This coffee art never fails to fascinate the non-artist in me.

If my mocha arrived in style, my eggs benedict came in drool-worthy fashion. If such words do exist. Haha!

This Sicilian Eggs Benedict has my name written all over it. If there's one word to describe melted cheese, perfectly poached eggs, crispy bacon, Italian ham, fresh greens, grilled tomatoes and mushroom, it is none other than C-H-E-R-R-Y. No kidding! Those are all my favourites, put together in one special food entrée.

It is way, way better than Canele's French Eggs Benedict, I swear! It was so worth paying a few more bucks. I just love, love, love everything in this dish. It actually made me totally forget about my mocha. When I remembered to sip, the coffee is starting to get cold.

I saved the fresh greens, succulent tomatoes and juicy mushrooms for last because I just can't bear leaving the place guilty from devouring the sinful poached eggs with generous amount of melted cheese, along with the Italian ham and crispy bacon.

I am no professional food blogger but I attempted to take a video of the egg yolk flowing ala Daniel of Daniel Food Diary. It took so much effort to do that because I have no one with me to do the poking while I take the instavideo. LOL.

What made me love Brunetti even more is the fact that they don't have service charge, yet the service was excellent nonetheless. I know a few restaurants that shamelessly charge service charge but offer below standard service.

I also love the idea of settling my bill right after putting my order. Often times when I dine out with the family, we end up waiting for the bill for too long at the end of the meal because all the restaurant crews are busy serving other people.

At Brunetti, I just walk off after I devoured my food. It saved me a lot of time.

I am definitely coming back soon!

Post script:
I actually skipped dinner because I was too full from eating the Sicilian Eggs Benedict all by myself. The serving was too big for me, I only tried to finish everything because wasting food is not in my vocabulary.

FYI: Brunetti is located at 163 Tanglin Road, Level 1 - Unit 35/36, Tanglin Mall, Singapore 247933

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  1. I love love love love!!! Wish to join you!!!! The video makes me crave hahaha..good thing I already had breakfast :)

  2. makes me wish to cook right now, Che :) love love your date. I love me-date too :)

  3. yum!!! love love the video of running yolk, gotta try it too :) I am getting hungry here and tempted to cook, despite I just had dinner. I love me-date too :)

  4. Looked so yummy! I just ate but now hungry again looking at these photos :-)