5 Myths About Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a marvelous and poignant option to painful, hassling, and time-consuming procedures such as tweezing, waxing, or shaving to remove unwanted hair. If you are on the lookout for laser hair removal in NYC, you can be rest assured that it is one of the most commonly practiced cosmetic procedures today, and one that offers the best long term solution with no side effects. But there still people who have certain reservations about laser hair removal. Here are some myths about laser hair removal in NYC debunked.

The Myth: Laser hair removal isn’t proven to be safe

In truth, laser hair removal in NYC is found to be safe, as long as it has been approved by the FDA. It is critical to ask your laser technician about the type of laser that is being used. Some clinics have been known to use cheaper quality lasers that aren’t approved by the FDA. If your clinic is using equipment that have passed a stringent FDA test, you have nothing to worry about.

The Myth: There is more hair growth caused by laser hair removal

If this myth were true, then there would inadvertently be a cure for natural hair fall and baldness! It is impossible for a laser treatment to create more hair growth. The human body is constantly changing. As we become older, some people tend to lose body hair and others tend to grow hair in new places. Laser hair removal in NYC tends to destroy your hair follicles but isn’t able to prevent new ones from developing.

The Myth: Laser hair removal works the same for all hair types

To find out what kind of results you can hope to achieve from your laser hair removal in NYC, you should discuss it with your laser technician first. Results tend to vary by skin type, hair color and even from person to person. Red hair is more difficult to remove and gray hair cannot be removed due to the fact that the hair lacks pigment and therefore the laser cannot identify the hair follicles to destroy them.

The Myth: A person is exposed to radiation with laser hair removal

Lasers do not emit any radiation. There is radiation in between the light barriers of the laser, but it stays within that space and is in no way harmful to the person who is having the laser hair removal treatment.

No one is sure where this fallacious idea originated from but it is not true. It probably has to do with some radiation being created by this process but it is completely innocuous. You have more danger by using your microwave in your home or putting your smart phone near you ear and everyone knows over a billion people engage in those actions every day on this planet.

The Myth: It takes just a single session for permanent hair removal

Destroying hair growth permanently in a single setting just isn’t possible with laser hair removal in NYC. The truth is that hair grows in different cycles. Since it grows at different times, it can’t be targeted all at once. The only way to undermine all hair follicles is to wait for them to grow and then use the laser on them. This can only be done across several sessions and appointments. So schedule your laser hair removal in NYC with a qualified professional at Sensitive Touch ASAP!


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