Ensure that Your Insurance Claim is Settled Appropriately

With The Guardian just recently releasing data indicating that one in twenty accident insurance claims are going unsettled due to “spurious reasons” from insurance agencies throughout the UK, one has got to wonder just what is happening with the insurance claims that go unanswered. This 5% of rightful insurance claims that are not making it fully through the system belong to lawfully insured customers who are not getting taken care of in an appropriate and dishonest manner.

The insurance companies are now charging higher than ever premiums for less than adequate service, and leaving some of their best and most loyal customers hanging in the balance of injury and financial insecurity after a motor vehicle accident. In order to get the financial compensation and reward that you deserve as an insured driver, you must be on your toes when going through the process of submitting a claim. Don’t risk having your claim being partly or fully denied by not having the proper documentation together or filing a report with a small mistake or missing piece of vital information.

How to Get the Most out of Your Insurance Claim

Although the reasons why one in twenty accident claims are going unfulfilled are not always clear, and insurance companies may simply be acting out of order and ignoring cases that they ought to be paying out compensation for, it is still critical that you fulfill your end of the claim. Before you submit a claim for physical injury coverage for repair costs for your vehicle, you will want to double check to make sure you have included all relevant information, appropriate signatures, forms, documents, and visual evidence as much as possible. You may want to even have your personal insurance agent check over your claim forms to make sure that they are fully comprehensive and correctly filled out before you turn them in. Cross all of your “T”s and dot each one of your “I”s to make sure you are giving your target insurance company nothing to nitpick at you for. This double checking will also ensure that your insurance claim is processed in the fastest and most efficient way possible, for if the company finds an error in the forms and has to flip some or all of them back to you, this could cause a delay of weeks or even months in getting the money that you deserve.

How the Financial Ombudsman Service Can Help You

The Financial Ombudsman Service, which has seen a sharp spike in cases they must deal with in the past few years, is responsible for neutral party settlement of serious disputes between insured individuals and insurance companies. Ensuring that claim information is correct and complete and that insurance companies fulfill their end of the accident bargain is the job of the Ombudsman.

Therefore, if you find yourself with a partly or totally rejected claim that you feel was made completely and accurately, you will want to get in touch with this Service in order to have the conflict settled once and for all. When you are involved in a disagreement with your insurance company or the third party’s insurance company after an accident claim, your first resource should be the Financial Ombudsman, who will collect information, communicate as a middle man between you and the insurance company, and hopefully force the insurance company to pay up in the case of unlawfully rejected claims with no real basis for the rejection. Through this service, you may well be able to kick up your claim from half fulfillment to total compensation within just a few weeks. Be patient with the process and remember that a partially fulfilled claim is better than no claim payment made at all.

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