Family Staycation at Shangri-la's Rasa Sentosa Resort (Day 1/Part 2)

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The kids couldn't contain their excitement and happiness once we abandoned our room and brought them down to have some water fun. Thank God it was such a lovely day to let the kids frolic in the waters.

The little rabbit played with daddy in this mini-pool designed for toddlers

whilst the big rabbit went to the deeper pool to make use of her swimming skills.

The little rabbit got bored so we transferred him to the bigger kiddie pool. He had fun playing with the frogs.

Wasn't quite ready yet to dip in the pool so I stayed dry for a while.

The kids' happiness is too contagious not to join the water fun.

The little rabbit instantaneously made best friends with the froggy. He kept hugging and attempting to stop it from spitting water. LOL.

To divert his attention, daddy had to play some tricks so that he could play with him.

Isn't my little lifeguard such a cutie with his sunglasses on?

It took us a lot of convincing powers to make the little rabbit change into dry clothes and leave the pool. We went back to our room to have a quick shower before heading for a quick lunch.

We decided to have a light lunch outside the hotel. On our way out, we passed by this huge heritage tree. Apart from being family-friendly, the hotel is also a good place for some nature retreat.

After grabbing a really quick lunch outside the Underwater World because the little rabbit started to make fuss, we were treated with mini-cornettos for dessert upon arriving the hotel lobby. The icecream is free for all the hotel guests, it also came with priceless smile from auntie. :)

We were surprised to find another box of sweets when we went back to our room. These are Nonya Kuehs, a complimentary dessert from the hotel.

Whilst enjoying our icecream and kuehs, look who got knocked out! Haha! We let him recharge for more fun awaiting for him.

The hubby went to visit the gym with the big rabbit while I rested and kept the little rabbit company whilst taking a nap. After half an hour of exercise routine, they went back to the room and took a rest before heading back to the pool. I asked them not to bring the camera anymore. They only came back around 5:30pm  in time for us to prepare for our complimentary 6pm buffet dinner at Silver Shell Cafe.

Photo opp by the Christmas tree at the entrance of Silver Shell Cafe. Does the little rabbit look refreshed?

We were not the earliest birds but we still managed to find a good spot with ample space for the restless little rabbit. The buffet dinner tuned out as epic, I will have to feature it in another post. The big rabbit kept saying it was the best day of her life. My heart melted when she said thank you to me and her dad. I call feel her heart exploding from gratefulness.

After dinner, we went for a short walk in the beach and brought the kids at the kids' club afterwards. Little rabbit played at the Toddler's room whilst

big rabbit stayed at the Cool Zone, a playground with a tree house designed for bigger kids.

We let them play until closing time. We met a family who were also on a 2D1N staycation. They treated the little rabbit with a few rounds of carousel ride. The Cool Zone and the Toddler's room is just next to each other. Once in a while, the sweetest big sister peeps and cheers for her little brother as seen in the video.

The kids wanted to go back to the pool but since it was already closed for the night, we let them have a bubble bath in the tub. Whilst having some bubble fun, the big rabbit said, "ahhhhh, this is life". Haha!

Time for a pyjama and slumber party. What a fun-filled day for the kids! We thanked and praised God for wonderful family memories made before we finally called it a day.

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  1. family time is always precious and priceless.

  2. The rabbits joyful smiles are very contagious, indeed, such is life, beautiful and fun! I enjoyed every pictures here Che