Hello 2014! Cheers to New Beginnings...

Before 2013 finally kissed me goodbye, I somehow lost the enthusiasm to write. Despite having a ton of backlogs, I let my brain rest. To start 2014 right, here I am trying to bring back my blogging mojo because this blog has to live its purpose. I am planning to have one more scholar this year so I really need to write more and update Sweet Memoirs as often as I could so that the rain of ble$$ing$ for me to unselfishly share will not stop from pouring in.

I am really excited to discover where 2014 will take me especially that it is my year (Year of the Horse). I have many plans on my mind and I really wish to work harder this year. I want to be more productive and not waste a single day. I have to strike off at least one of the many important things on my to-do list everyday. Today, the very first day of the year, I managed to choose some family portraits from my archive and took them to photo centre for printing. Great, great job! I need a pat on the back. LOL.

I was really surprised it only took me little time and effort to finish one project. It made me realize that, as cliche as it may sound, if there's a will, there's a way. Hopefully, I get to do one small project every single day. I shall procrastinate no more. Let me repeat that to myself gazillion times. LOL. All I need is a little self-push and a dose of inspiration and support from the fambam. I am not getting any younger so might as well live my life without excuses from now on.

Here's to a productive, fruitful, and blessed 2014! *Clink*


  1. *clink* congratulations for meeting your goal on day 1 :) hurray to more happine$$ and running to a better us this year! Insert halo and smiley!

  2. hope am here not too late to give you a pat in the back Che, happy New Year, and so glad for you to start the first right with motivation, yehey for you!!!!! wishing you the best and more rain of blogging ble$$ing$