Moo + Sik = Music

Before I tell you the story behind Moo + Sik = Music, let me share with you some of the incomprehensible words that my 2 year old boy utters.

1) mak kunis

Oh well it sounds more like that and everyone at home have been puzzled what the boy meant until one day, Bob with the train alphabet was playing on the iPad and we heard him say "OH MY GOODNESS!" and the boy repeated after him "oh mak kunis". Hahahahahaha. Puzzle solved.

2) amos (pronounced as ei-mos)

So the boy said,  "mama, play amos" to which I replied, "play what?". He held my hand and led me to the play room and pointed to the miniature animals displayed on top of the bookshelf. Ooooh, it's animals baby!

3) pino

The boy grabs my phone because apparently he wants to play the tiny pino. He deliberately omitted the A in piano. LOL.

Having said that, generally speaking my boy is actually very good with other words. Just the other night, he uttered guitar, trumpet and violin (pronounced correctly) out of the blue. Then thereafter, he said moo-sik. It was bed time and he wants us to play music in the computer to lull him to sleep. This boy is really into moo-sik. 


  1. I think you should! I am loving baby G's language!! The oh my goodness made me laugh out loud! :)

  2. hehehe, and all the while I thought he meant "makinis" hahaha, who would have thought "my goodness", again, another funny story told Che

  3. This blog entry elicited a good laugh from me this morning, Cher! Your wittle wabbit is too cute!