Mother and Daughter's Milk and Coffee Talk

Milk talk:

At bedtime...

Big rabbit: Mommy, please make milk for me.

Mommy rabbit: Ok, love you!

Big rabbit: Love you too! Why does it tastes so good when you are the one making my milk? Hmmmmn, I know already! It's because it has a special ingredient: LOVE!

Mommy rabbit: That's right!

Big rabbit: Whenever I make milk for myself, it doesn't taste as nice as yours. So mommy, does it mean I love myself less?


Coffee talk:

Big rabbit occasionally drinks coffee, specially when we are not around...

Mommy rabbit: Try not to drink coffee, it will make you get angry so easily. If you keep on drinking coffee like what I did when I was young, you will eventually become a monster mommy like me when you grow up.

Little rabbit: Really? But you are a mommy with a heart and... (*thinks*)... brain. Except that you don't like Maths.


  1. hahaha, lols here, big rabbit is so funny, and i could just imagine her cuteness in those conversation

  2. oh, i forgot to add, happy chinese new year Che