New Year, New Hairstyle

For the record, I am not Chinese but I have 10% Chinese blood flowing all over my body system. That makes me adopt some Chinese beliefs and Chinese New Year (CNY) traditions. How I wish I could sport a new hairstyle this coming CNY and look my best.

I so miss that curly "celebrity" hair I had when hubby and I went for a quick couple make-over a.k.a. our pre-nuptial photoshoot at Jean Yip more than five years ago. Having said that, I wish I also had clip in hair extensions done for that photoshoot apart from having long and thick fake eyelashes. It would have been even more perfect, don't you think?

I have never tried getting hair extensions before. Perhaps, I will do it for our 10th wedding anniversary photoshoot or in my next life when I become a celebrity. Ooopsie! That is way too far-fetched but who knows, some director or producer will discover my beauty. Dream on, baby! LOL.


  1. i haven't had hair extension too, i actually wonder how it is done, pretty you Che

  2. pssssttt I am so missing your curly hair and you wearing a sexy outfit because your do look like an actress! and for me you are a celebrity! one day because of your blog and everything that you are you will be me, I have psychic abilities LOL.

  3. You look gorgeous. I like natural and let the beauty from inside shine through!