New Year, New Possibilities

I am eternally grateful to God for never failing to forgive the sinners in us and never failing to give us the chance to start afresh. 2013 has been, a great - great year for my family. We acquired a place we now proudly call our home and all of us have been very healthy. If there are two things that we are really thankful about, it's the gift of family and the gift of health. Other things can take a back-seat in our life's priorities, as long as the family remains safe from harm and we all stay healthy.

This 2014, we look forward to a more purposeful and simple living. I have to admit, we splurged quite a bit last year. The good thing is, when we attended the new year mass the priest taught us four things on how to start the new year right. He said new year means:

New Attitude

New Hope

New Graces

New Opportunities

He further explained that we have to let go of the OLD us and start anew because the new year promises all things NEW. We left the house of God with our spirits feeling high and refreshed but I never thought that God was preparing us into something really new.

Hubby and I attended an eye-opener seminar last weekend and learned new things that will help us gain holistic freedom in the future. I will not delve into it just yet because we are still working on it. All I can say for now is: we took the first baby step (with the guidance and blessings of God) and we know we will eventually get there.

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