O' Coffee Club (Tampines 1)


Sometime last Christmas season, my big rabbit and I had an early dinner date at the newly renovated O' Coffee Club in Tampines 1.

Chicken and Mushroom Baked Rice
I was craving for baked rice so I ordered the Chicken & Mushroom Baked Rice. Description on the menu: Scrumptious chicken and fresh mushroom, sprinkled with mozzarella cheese baked in harmony.

Sausage and Potato Wedges from the Kid's Menu
I encouraged the big rabbit to pick from the kid's menu (which to me equates to small portion) because I don't wish to end up finishing her food again in case she orders anything she's not able to finish. She chose Sausages & Potato Wedges. I know I shouldn't be encouraging her to eat such unhealthy food but it's our cheat day anyway so I let her be. Description from the menu: Every child's favourite chicken cheese sausage, chicken satay sausage with potato wedges, served with coleslow. (No coleslow was served.)

We waited for almost half an hour (or maybe more?) for our order to be served although there are not many people when we arrived. It made me grumble and mutter under my breath that this is going to be our first and last eating there.

Oh well, our disappointment with the service and food (nothing to rave about it) was pacified when our dessert finally arrived (although it also took a quite while for them to serve it).

O'Coffee Club's signature Muddy Mud Pie
We ordered their signature Muddy Mud Pie upon the recommendation of the food server. It looks as glorious as it is in their menu, photo-wise (thanks to my ever-reliable iPhone5) and in actual. The big rabbit's mouth instantaneously watered the moment she landed her eyes on it. Description on the menu: Enter chocolate nirvana with our signature dessert: luxuriously smooth cappuccino and chocolate icecream on a cookies and cream base with ribbons of chocolate fudge.

Big rabbit devouring the Muddy Mud Pie
From the first mouthful down to the very last, the big rabbit couldn't stop raving about how heavenly the mud pie is. Given a choice, she wouldn't have shared it with me. She said, BEST. DATE. EVER! Oh well, she says that everytime we go on a date and she's extremely satisfied with the food she ate.

Dear O' Coffee Club,

Thank you for your saving grace, Muddy Mud Pie.

We will definitely come back for it, even if your service is not commendable!


Big Rabbit and Mommy Rabbit


  1. you reminded me of making baked rice :) yum!! and that muddy mud pie, haha, super yum!

  2. I want some muddy mud pie now!!!! Hahahaha

  3. Reminds me to post about Roels mud pie affair too :)