Organizing and Decorating the Kid's Playroom

Fixing the kid's playroom is a never ending joy for me. Truth be told, I don't consider it a task because I actually enjoy the process so much. Organizing my kid's toys is a form of therapy for me. Sometimes when I have a hard time getting my sleep at night, I get up from bed and go to the playroom to put things back in order. I find happiness in tidying my kids' mess. It reminds me how blessed I am to have active, happy and creative children.

Before I get way too emotional here, let me talk about my unfinished playroom project. What you see in the photo above is just a part of the designated play area. If you notice, there is no girly stuff in it. I tried to divide the shelving unit into two parts, one for the little rabbit's masculine toys and one for big rabbit's feminine toys. The thing is, the boy ends up playing with dolls and doll houses so I decided to take out all the girl's toys and put them in my girl's room instead.

I am quite happy with the current arrangement of the play area now. The only thing seem to be missing is a wall decal that will add beauty, fun and colour to my kid's happy place. The hubby suggested a nature themed wall decal with trees, flowers and animals in it. I searched kid's decals online and found out that the theme we wanted is actually one of the best-sellers. I can't wait to bring some life to the boring walls of the kid's playroom! A nice floor lamp from Kichler Lighting would brighten things up too!

Having said that, I am still open to suggestions/inputs from fellow mommies and friends. Please feel free to share your organizing and decorating tips for a kid's playroom with me in the comment box below.

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  1. I think it will make more beautiful if you put some wallpaper sticker with her favorite cartoon or flowers .. My little boy love Disney cars :)