Quick Lunch at Lat's Place

For the life of me, I almost totally forgot to blog about Lat's Place to complete my Puteri Harbour Family Theme Park series. So here it is, better late than never. In case you missed, I have blogged about Hello Kitty Town and The Little Big Club last year.

Lat's Place is a state-of-the-art themed restaurant located inside the Puteri Harbour Family Theme Park's 4-level building. Since Travel Delight sponsored our entrance tickets to Hello Kitty Town and The Little Big Club, hubby and I decided to complete our family theme park experience by having a self-sponsored lunch at this cool place.

There are 3 main dining area's at Lat's place namely Mango, Rambutan and Durian. When we went there for lunch, they only opened Mango for customers.

The little rabbit was instantaneously smitten by Lat, the Kampung Boy and his LAToon friends.

There are monitors all over the place showing Lat's and his friends adventures through animation.

The rest of the place looks like this. Like I mentioned earlier, they only opened Mango for costumers. Rambutan and Durian were empty. I heard that they are busier at night because only then they have showtime. They host an interactive and unique dining experience with live animation during dinner. Eating there at lunchtime doesn't require advance booking, unlike at night where you have to reserve tables and seats to catch the show.

Here's what we ate. Clock wise from top left: Bee Hoon soup for the little rabbit, Spicy Prawn for daddy rabbit, Chicken with Persik sauce for the big rabbit and Blackened Beef Gravy for me. The soup is from the ala-carte menu and the rest are from the set meal menu worth RM18.90 each. Our set meals came with white rice, veggies and fruits.

I find the prawn, chicken and beef swimming in oil but taste-wise, not really bad. We briefly browsed the rest of their food offerings and find it really cheap. If we were not pressed with time, we would have ordered from their local specialties.

After lunch, we let the kids play for a while in this little play area. I love the traditional concept, complete with woven mat and congkak.

Right at the restaurant's entrace, you will find their own souvenir shop where you can buy souvenir shirts, recyclable bags, and hats among other souvenir items.

Before finally leaving the place to explore The Little Big Club, the big rabbit had a quick photo opp at the carriage display outside the restaurant.

I wonder whether it is worth coming back to catch the show at night. Anyone here went there for dinner before?

We visited Puteri Harbour Family Theme Park last April 2016 and found out that Lat's Place has closed down.


  1. K looks so pretty! And what an awesome place to eat with kids around that is! :)

  2. looks like a fun and very interactive place for kids, love the look of the soup.