Sisterhood Like No Other

Meet my twin sister from another set of parents whom I met through blogging. We are both wearing proud our dark skin tone, we are about of the same height, we are both too lazy to comb our hair. We are both too lazy to take a bath when we have nowhere to go, we both have undying love for purple, we share and keep each other's secrets, we call each other crazy, we tell each other to shut up when the moment calls for it, and we are each others' ever-ready ears when one of us needed to whine.

I could go on and on describing our amazing sisterhood but you probably get the picture from the first paragraph. What I love about this crazy woman is her humility, simpleness and unconditional love for mankind. I love that she has a heart as big as the ocean. I love that she has the gift of writing effortlessly. I love that she remains humble and grounded inspite of being one of the Top 10 Outstanding Public Servant in her province.

I can't thank God enough for bringing her into my life. I can't imagine life without her in it. May the good Lord continue to bless us with an amazing friendship. If there's one more thing that I am so grateful about in my life right now, it is finding my soul sister who understands and tolerates my bipolar character. I can pour my heart out to her without the fear of being judged nor ridiculed. We are not celebrating anything special occasion today, I wrote this just because...

Twinzypotsy, here's a toast to a sisterhood like no other! Just in case you still don't know, I LOVE YOU.


  1. I love you twinzy!!! Life will never be the same without you in it!! I am lost for words to describe how amazing our sisterhood is ! ♡

  2. Aws, very sweet, you both are very inspiring