The Little Drummer Boy

One of the boy's ultimate favourite "lullaby" song is The Little Drummer Boy. Yes, it's the same familiar ra-pa-pam-pam Christmas song you know. For no reason or rhyme, the hubby loves singing that same song whenever he tries to put the boy to sleep so it eventually became a lullaby song to our family.

Since the boy loves The Little Drummer Boy, we introduced him to a real life "drum" (tin can + spoon) last new year eve and oh boy he loves it so much! At the strike of first January 2014, he "beat" his drum to reckless abandon. I think we need to buy him an authentic drum soon. We are still contemplating whether we should buy a toy drum set or a real drum like lp museum series udu drum which apparently is good for meditating. What do you think?

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