The Ultimate Guide to Holidays in Europe

More and more people are being drawn to Europe for their holidays this year, due to the discovery of exciting destinations. If you’re planning on visiting Europe for your holiday this year then you will enjoy our ultimate guide to the best destinations, travel secrets and budget tips.

Choosing Your Destination
First up you need to choose where in Europe you would like to visit on your vacation. There are plenty of options, to cater for any taste. Those looking for a sunny, beach holiday should consider a Greek Island, whereas those who want something full of culture should check out Prague. The best way to decide on your destination is by visiting different travel agents and picking up brochures that are Europe based. You will get a good idea of all the things each place has to offer, plus the whole family can look through the pictures and have their say too!

Europe’s Best Kept Secrets
If you’re stuck for ideas on where to go, then we’ve listed below some of our favourite best kept secrets in Europe:
  • Croatia - This beautiful country is quickly becoming a hot tourist destination, so head over there before the crowds. Expect good weather, lovely beaches, fascinating culture and some truly delicious food. There’s a music festival in Pula, during September, so try to avoid anywhere near that area if you want peace and quiet!
  • Spetses - A tiny Greek island that has played host to some rather famous holiday makers. If you want something off the beaten track, complete with horse and carriage transportation, then this is the one for you. If you don’t want busy then avoid the Armata Festival in September.
  • Barcelona - Not technically a secret, but we love Barcelona for a heady mix of tranquility and sunshine. There’s still the hustle and bustle of the city centre to keep you busy, as well as the sandy beaches for sunbathing.
There are some other less populated areas of Europe that are perfect for a relaxing, family holiday away. Invest in a Lonely Planet guide and find out where the real travellers are raving about, for a good idea of the best places to visit.

Budget Tips
We all want to save money this year, but we don’t want to have to sacrifice our family holiday. If you’re struggling to make ends meet then you’re probably considering whether a holiday is going to be affordable or not. However, Europe has become a lot cheaper for travel over the last couple of years, mainly because they’re feeling the pinch too. Hotels in large cities, like Barcelona, have drastically reduced in price over the years, as you can see here. If you can’t afford a hotel and don’t mind roughing it a bit, then have a look for hostels too. Finally, make sure you book your flights far in advance to avoid spending a fortune. Ticket prices will only go upwards; the more the plane is filled up, so the earlier, the better.

They’re all the tips we have for you today; we hope you got something useful from our guide. Make sure you share with us your favourite European destinations, too!

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