5 Tips to Make Your Home Party Ready

Everyone loves a party! It’s a lot of fun to go to one, but can be even more fun to host one yourself if you have the right space and are ready for a little bit of preparation to get you’re your home ready to receive guests. There are a few things to think about and plan ahead to make sure that the space is going to accommodate the people that you invite, especially if there are children involved. Here are 5 tips to making your home ready for a party.

Open the Floor Space

What goes hand in hand with partying? Dancing. Depending on what sort of party it is, how many people are coming and what sort of space you have, you will probably want to make some room for people to dance, or even just for standing/sitting around and getting to know each other. Moving furniture out of the way and clearing the floor space is a great way of preparing for anything that might happen at the party, and make more room for guests to enjoy the space.

Where is the Focus?

It’s a good idea to look at your space and work out where you would like the focus to be at the party, and plan accordingly. If you are planning on making speeches then you might want to have a PA set up and an area where everyone at the party can see the speaker while they are talking. You don’t need to have a stage but if you have an area of the room set up for this then you will be able to set out the furniture accordingly and have the ‘audience’ set out so that everyone is included.


Setting the lighting for a party is important to setting up the ambience and the scene. If you are having a wild party and anticipate lots of dancing then you might want to think about getting some coloured lights around the place. If it is a more low key, quiet evening then candles might be what you are going for. A garden party will look lovely with solar fairy lights in the garden and may need a couple of days to get in place and get charged up from the sun.


Again, the choosing of the music is an important part of setting the mood and making sure that it feels like a party. One way to ensure that you will have the right music for your party is to create a playlist of all the songs that you want to play on the night. If you are more into live music then having a stage and band area set up for musicians will create the scene so guests can enjoy the music.

Entertainment Area

When buying a new house, or building your own it might be a good idea to think about creating an outdoor entertaining space, especially if you are a person who loves to party. Landscaping specialists such as Premium Pools and Gardens can assist you with planning and creating the ultimate outdoor party space.

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