Top 3 Amazing Things to Do in Patagonia

With spring soon to arise—or with many of us looking for ways to escape the cold—there is always a lovely place known as Patagonia. Now, Patagonia got its name from the word ‘patagón’ which was first used by Magellan in 1520. He used it to describe the native people who he believed might have been giants.

Regardless of its presumed giants, Patagonia has much to offer. In fact, it might even have too much to offer. Just taking a glance outdoors is enough to send you into an electric shock of pure joy. The scenery of the land is bold, beautiful, and breathtaking. There is no place like home, but there is no place that compares to the mystique and pure appeal of Patagonia, which is why so many people book Patagonia vacation packages—just like you should, if you need to get away from the busy day-to-day grind.

This lovely, absolutely captivating area has much to offer. Here is just a list of ideas to embark on during your stay in Patagonia.

1. Go Whale-Watching in Puerto Madryn

While you visit Patagonia, you absolutely must go to Puerto Madryn to catch a glimpse or two of the beautiful whales. After all, when was the last time you had witnessed a real live whale? In Puerto Caleta Valdés are prime breeding zones for southern right whales between June and mid-December. Typically, a whale-watching excursion lasts around one and a half hours, but some can last longer.

2. Experience outdoor adventures in El Chaltén

El Chaltén is surrounded by beautiful mountains which are perfect for the nature lover or anyone who wants to get closer to nature. These mountains provide absolutely prime hiking conditions, rock climbing, and even horseback riding if that is something you are interested in. You could go horseback riding on the gorgeous valley of of Río de las Vueltas. There are also some excited ice-climbing courses and ice treks around this part of Patagonia.

3. Enjoy the Dinosaurs at the Paleontology Museum

If you chose to bring your children with you to Patagonia, then they are sure to have a blast taking a tour of the dinosaurs at the Paleontology Museum. This museum features important fossil finds found in Patagonia itself. This natural history museum offers incredibly outstanding and life-sized dinosaur exhibits that the children will absolute love. At this museum, you will find 1700 fossil remains of plant and marine life as well. There is a nature trail which passes a plethora of exposed fossils dating as far back as 40 million years ago.

These are only three things out of many that you can choose to do during your stay in the absolutely gorgeous Patagonia. One other idea is to stay at a ranch; Estancia Telken offers a very nice stay in the pretty countryside of Los Antiguos. This is a sheep and horse ranch that also provides horseback riding and hiking opportunities.

Whatever it is that you decide to do in the lovely area of Patagonia, you are going to have a great time—guaranteed! It is an absolutely breathtaking place full of magic at every corner. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to go visit!

Michele Black is a travel blogger who has had an incredible experience in Patagonia. In her spare time, she writes about her favorite travels.

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  1. patagonia is one of the places i wanted to see some day, however, hubby thinks it's too far and the long flight is tough to bear, anyway, but i told myself and him that before patagonia, i should finish first US 51 National Parks.