Weekend Routine

Happy weekend everyone! What's there not to be happy on weekends? Nothing beats sleeping in with the kids and waking up with a cheery good morning greetings accompanied by a sweetest bedimpled smile from my little rabbit. That's his way of convincing me to "wake up" already as he pulls down my blanket.

Here's our usual weekend routine:

Playtime with teeny tiny cars, trucks and buses

Watch TV while I feed him breakfast

Playtime with shapes and blocks

Eat fruits for morning snacks

Bubble bath time

A trip to the park/playground

Playtime with the kitchen toy


Playtime with balls in the playpen

Eat fruits for afternoon snacks

Nap time (read: mommy-time)

Watch TV

Eat dinner

A trip to the park/playground

Read story books


1 comment:

  1. Am sure this weekend was awesome...I had a great time hugging my angels ;)