10 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend

Valentine’s day will be here in a few days, so it’s worth putting some thought into your boyfriend’s gift now to avoid panic buying the day before! Boys can be difficult to buy for, but they’re simple creatures really. He’ll love anything that you put thought into or paid for! We have 10 ideas here to help you out:

A Box of His Favourite Things

Only you know what your boyfriend’s favourite things are, so this could be a box full of Tulsi tea bags, or even a box full of some kind of protein shake. Throw in some of his favourite foods and some random, funny items to make him smile. We can’t tell you what those are though - you know your boyfriend, not us!

A Subscription to His Favourite Magazine

You’ll probably have your reservations about buying him a subscription of Nuts, but it’s actually quite an interesting read for women too! Don’t believe us? Fine, buy him GQ instead!

A Meal At Nandos

No male in his right mind would turn his nose up at a trip to Nandos. Who doesn’t love that tasty chicken?! Why not tell him to put his gladrags on, and then drive over to Nandos without telling him where you’re going. He’ll be thrilled!

A Watch

This option may be a bit expensive, but if you’ve got the cash buying your boo a watch could be the perfect gift. Mens watches are a status symbol, so he’ll really appreciate a quality watch from you!

A Spotify Subscription

Buy him a subscription to Spotify to let him listen to his favourite tunes wherever he is. He can listen to then on the PC, Laptop, Tablet, Mobile Phone, and even in the car!

A Nike Fuel Band

If your boyfriend’s into fitness, a Nike Fuel Band could be the perfect gift. It acts as a watch, a calorie counter, a step counter, and gives points measured in ‘Nike Fuel’! It’s a great piece of kit for gym lovers and WOD killers.

A Weekend Away

Why not whisk your boyfriend away on a trip to London, Manchester, Bristol, Liverpool, or even Paris?! Go out for a few drinks and a meal, stay in a nice hotel - throw on your best undergarments, he’ll love it!

A Handmade Card

If all else fails, a handmade card will show him you care. Providing you take the time to cut out card in different shapes and colours, and are pretty darn good at applying glitter in the right places - he’ll appreciate the sentiment.

A Homecooked Meal

They say that the way to a man’s heart is his stomach, so whip him up something delicious in the kitchen to impress him. Jamie Oliver has some amazing recipes and they’re all available online!

A Good Book

Perhaps your boyfriend is a little more intellectual - buy him a good book! Read reviews on books you think he’ll be interested in to get an idea of whether it’s any good or not.

Your boyfriend is sure to love at least one of these gift ideas - have fun and thank us later!

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