3 Reasons Why Sending Snail Mail Should Never Go Outdated

In this modern day filled with advanced computer technology, people tend to communicate with their love ones via email, Facebook chat, Skype and the likes. It is now a norm to send birthday greetings using e-cards. People now expresses their appreciation for other people via Twitter, Instagram and what-nots. What made me say so? I am embarrassingly guilty of it. I have stopped sending hand-written greeting cards to my love ones since time immemorial.

To stop myself from riding the bandwagon and revive the happiness in sending and receiving cards and letters via snail mail, I came up with 3 reasons why sending hand-written greeting cards, thank you notes and love letters should never go outdated:

1. The recipient will feel more valued and loved.
It takes time and effort to buy or create greeting cards, write your message and send them via snail mail so naturally, its recipient will feel more valued and loved. Reading letters and cards in paper and ink brings priceless joy to the reader. 

2. Your thoughtfulness will be highly appreciated.
It is very rare nowadays that people receive snail mails with hand-written notes so when they receive one, they will appreciate the gesture and thoughtfulness of the sender. Greetings and messages doesn't have to be written in luxurious cards and stationary. It's really the thought that counts. 

3. Snail mailed greeting cards convey more sincerity than electronic greeting cards.
Sending e-cards and emails can be done in heart beat. Because it is done fast and convenient, it doesn't convey much sincerity. When you send greeting cards via snail mail, it will make the recipient feel your sincerity in expressing your well wishes and gratefulness even more. 

There are so many fast and reliable mailing services you could avail nowadays be it in your neighbourhood mailing post or via online. Sending personal or work related greetings cards, thank you notes and letters via snail mail should never go outdated. Go ahead and send one today!


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  1. I am guilty too but when I do send out I always get BIG SPECIAL THANKS compared whe I greet online :)