3 Ways Audience Response Systems Can Benefit the Classroom

The key to a successful classroom comes from the level of interaction between the activity and the student. Audience Response Systems or Clickers are used in a wide range of industries to gather a reliable set of results, give everyone the chance to have a say and promote audience participation.

By giving students from all sorts of age groups the opportunity to delve deeper into the classroom activity through participation, you can guarantee a high level of attention throughout the lesson whilst also preparing for a more detailed classroom discussion and various other benefits of active learning.

Here are three of the most notable reasons why introducing audience response systems into the classroom could have major benefits for a child’s structure of learning in the classroom.

  • Active Learning
  • When students become enthused by the prospects of a lesson they begin to narrow their attention span until they are mostly focused on the task at hand. One of the best ways to promote and advertise a lesson successfully to a group of students is to integrate an active learning structure.

    Audience Response Systems give students the chance to feel part of the learning process, giving them a sense of empowerment. When you deliver a question or Power Point instruction, the students can demonstrate their own knowledge, understanding and opinion effectively.

  • Confidence

  • There are often times when students simply lack the confidence to become physically involved in a classroom activity. If you are aware of a significant lack of confidence in the classroom then adopting an Audience Response System could give students the chance to bring their opinions to the table without having to raise their hand or having to put themselves forward for an activity.

    The results can be entirely anonymous to the rest of the classroom but they can still share their opinions through class discussion.

  • Tests & Quizzes
  • If you are planning on organising a test or quiz in your next class then you can always make the most of Clickers to gather answers more efficiently. In addition, you can use Audience Response Systems to practice for exams.

    Results can be studied by the teacher away from the classroom or they can be displayed on a Power Point. Students can also use Clickers to get an idea of what their upcoming test is based around and what they need to study for.

    Tracey Cooper writes for a number of online publications about incresing student engagement in the classroom and lecture theatres. She has contributed this post on behalf of CLiKAPAD, suppliers of first rate audience response systems for academia and businesses alike.

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