3 Ways to Protect Your Kids from Sickness

I have two kids who are water magnets. They take every opportunity to play with water be it at home, in the mall or in hotels when we travel. During our visit to Malacca last weekend, the kids braved the icy cold water in the hotel swimming pool to have some water fun. As usual, they weren't satiated by the pool water alone. When we went back to our room, they played in the bath tub for another round of water fun.

Thank goodness my kids are healthy and rarely succumb to colds and flu even when they play in the water so very often. The hubby and I do a lot of preventive measures to protect them from sickness. Wish to know our secrets? Here they are:

1. We get our kids to eat one to two servings of fruits and vegetables everyday.
We are very grateful that we get to feed our kids with ample fruits and vegetables. They can be picky at times but we don't just anyhow surrender when they say no to eating fruits and vegetables that are loaded with vitamins and minerals. For example, my little boy refuses to eat strawberry on its own so I mashed fresh strawberries and mix it in a yoghurt and he loves it! Another example, my girl doesn't like carrots very much so I usually cut carrots to teeny tiny pieces and mix it in my sweet spaghetti sauce which is her all time favourite. Do not ever, ever stop encouraging your kids to eat fruits and veggies even when they say no.

2. We always bring jacket, raincoat and umbrella when we go out.
Whether we are going to attend a Catholic mass, window shopping and food tripping in the mall or wander around the city, we always make it a point to have a jacket, raincoat and umbrella to protect the kids from strong blast of aircon, unexpected downpour, and harmful rays of the sun.

3. We give our kids vitamin supplements.
Kids will always be kids. You cannot stop them from eating chocolates, icecream and other junk/unhealthy foods. You will never get them to eat clean and healthy at all times so you'll always need vitamin supplements to make sure they get their required daily dosage of vitamins and minerals.

Another secret on top of the 3 listed above, we always put baby oil on the kids' chest and back before we let them play in the cold water. It helps prevent them from catching colds and flu.

Do you have parenting tricks to share? Please leave them in the comment box. Stay healthy and happy!


  1. Psssttt in that case I am still a kid: ) hehehe; )

    I always admire your mothering skills: )

    Baby G is growing very fast!!! And very gorgeous he is: )

  2. What are the vitamins and supplements that you are offering to your kids?

    1. Hi Jia Enn, for my older kid we give her centrum for kids and the young one takes PN kids gummybear vits. Best to consult your Paediatrician for recommendation. :)