5 Reasons Why You Should Go On a Date with Your Spouse Regularly

My husband and I only started going on a date with just the two of us after our second child was born. My best-half is a pure-blooded family man. He prefers going out with the kids in tow but I convinced him that it's a must for married couples to go on a date. We started with once a month date, then every fortnight. Now, we are trying to make it a once a week affair because it really makes our relationship stronger and steadier.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should go on a date with your spouse regularly:

1. To break the monotony of your "boring" married life
Time will always come where you or your spouse start to get bored with your usual routine. You have to go out of your comfort zone (read: home) to break the monotony. Go find a new restaurant to try, watch a movie, ride on a cable car and kiss whilst inside the capsule, discover a new romantic place to just sit in peace and watch the beautiful world go by. Be adventurous and your marriage will go a long, long way.

2. To re-connect with your spouse
Sometimes, couples forget the existence of one another because they are too occupied about raising their children and making a living. Going on a date is the best opportunity to re-connect with your spouse, physically, spiritually, emotionally, and intellectually. An intimate conversation and body language with your husband may not be possible when your kids constantly demand of your time and attention.

3. To make up for each other's shortcomings
This always works for us. When I start to feel neglected, the hubby would notice and will make it up by bringing me out for a movie or spa date. Likewise, when I think I spend all my time with the kids and neglect the hubby I also make it up to him by booking us a dinner date.

4. To create beautiful memories
You will always need something to look back to when you start to think your marriage sucks, and one of it is the beautiful memories you've created with your spouse in the past. Travis N. Turner referred to it in his Yahoo article as positive relationship history - a tapestry of fond memories that strengthen your relationship and can act as shock absorber during difficult times.

5. To keep the fire of love burning
I totally agree with Travis N. Turner when he said that the most important reason for dating your spouse is to help both of you feel loved, valued and cared for. When both parties feel loved, valued and cared for consistently, chances are the marriage will last a lifetime.

Dating your spouse will take an extra effort and an extra budget but it will definitely keep your bond strong and steady. You can start by sneaking in the night when the kids are already in slumberland. My husband and I started by sneaking to Starbucks after putting the kids to sleep, then we got hooked after that because we enjoyed each others company so much. We now go on movie and dinner dates regularly.


  1. psssstttttttt love love this post! beautifully written...straight from the heart....:)

  2. so so love that photo of you and Mond, Che. wishing you both so many romantic dates :)