5 Things To Consider Before Buying a New Car

The husband is seriously considering of buying a new family car but I told him to take his own time weighing in the pros and cons of owning a car here in Singapore. To help him arrive into a final decision, I did a little research and came up with these 5 questions you should ask yourself before buying a car:

Is a new car a necessity or luxury?
Before buying a new car, carefully consider if it's really a necessity or just a luxury. If you live in a country where owning a car is a must, then go ahead and buy one! If you are a resident of a country where everything is accessible by public transportation, think again, again and again.

Do I have extra budget for a new car?
It is certainly not wise to buy a car if you are going to bury yourself or your family from debt. Do buy a new car only when you have spare budget to spend for it. You also have to consider the cost of car maintenance and car insurance on top of petrol and parking expenses.

Am I responsible enough to drive a car?
When you drive a car, you are not only responsible for your own safety but also the safety of your passengers and pedestrians. Never ever drink and drive, text/call and drive nor exceed the speed limit. Arriving in your destination safely should be your main goal when you drive a car.

Do I have basic knowledge about car repair and auto parts?
Car breakdown is inevitable. Before buying a new car, prepare yourself for the worst case scenarios. You have to least know the most basic knowledge about auto parts and a technical know-how about basic car repairs.

Am I aware of the driving rules and regulations in my city or country? 
Cliche as it may sound but ignorance of the law excuses no one. Do your research about the driving rules and regulations in your city or country. Whilst you definitely need to apply for a legitimate driver's license, some cities also require a preparation test similar to DMV test prep to help you prepare in driving around your city.

The above-mentioned questions serve as a guide for anyone who is considering on buying a new car. Should you decide to buy and drive a new car, always think about the people who loves you dearly. Drive safely at all times!

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  1. psssstttttt loving your pro writing!!!!! this is one great read...I am actually thinking of having my own car....problem...huge huge huge problem is I still have to re-learn how to drive and I still do not have enough budget to buy one LOL