5 Traits of a Husband Material

In my humble opinion, here are the 5 traits every woman should look for in a man she wishes to marry:

No woman deserves to be physically or verbally abused. E.V.E.R! If you have ever been slapped by your man, leave him and find a harmless man. You'll never know what more harm he can do to you if you decide to just close your eyes and hang around. I need not elaborate on that.

There is nothing more painful than being cheated while in a relationship. If you have proven that your man cheated on you, give him a warning and one last chance. If he cheat on you the second time around, it's time to let him go and find another man who will have his eyes, heart, mind and soul only for you.

Marry a man who can provide and take care of you and your future children. There is nothing more priceless in a relationship or marriage than feeling secured, well-loved and well-taken care of.

A man who completely understands that women need to have a life or career of their own even after marriage is definitely worth keeping. No woman deserves to be tied down like a prisoner at home.

A man who can set aside his own happiness for his woman or children when the need arises is worth dying for. Need I say more?

It may be impossible difficult to find a man who possesses all of the above traits. Do give your man a passing mark if he has at least 3 of the 5 traits I mentioned.

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  1. pssssttttt "someone who can do the laundry" and "cook" hahaha is okay for me....oh someone who can tolerate my craziness too :)

    beautifully written! love :)