5 Ways to Keep The Fire of Love Burning

I am no expert in giving love advice but here's our secret in keeping the fire of our love burning:

1. Love your partner just the way they are
You have to embrace your partner's strengths and weaknesses (emotionally, intellectually and spiritually), the pretty and the ugly (physically), the good and the bad (characteristically).

2. Compliment your partner consistently
It is not enough to just love your partner just the way they are. You also need to compliment your partner consistently for his/her strengths, tell him/her what you love most about them  (e.g expressive eyes, sweet smile, etc) , and good characteristics (e.g tell your partner regularly how thankful you are for having a responsible, loving and caring partner).

3. Do not part ways or go to bed angry.
Lover's quarrel is part and parcel of any relationship. Whether you are married or not, it is important to resolve your conflict no matter how big or small before parting ways or before retiring to bed.

4. Date your partner regularly.
I have listed 5 reasons why you should go on a date with your spouse regularly here. Reasons number 3, 4 and 5 are applicable for unmarried couples without kids too. Dating your partner regularly will give you both the chance to communicate and express your bottled thoughts and feelings. Some people say, open communication is the key to maintain a great relationship and it is true.

5. Spend some time away from each other once in a while.
Whilst dating regularly is important, it is also vital for couples to spend some time away from each other once in a while. Cliché as it may be but it is true that absence makes the heart grow fonder.

On top of everything, do not forget trust and respect. Both parties deserve to be trusted and respected at all times. I would also encourage married couples to go ahead and make love as often as you wish. For unmarried couples, it is best to engage in a sexual relationship when you have tied the knot. Giving in to your lust may leave your love burned into ashes, if you know what I mean. :D

Here's wishing everyone in advance a HAPPY ST. VALENTINE's DAY!

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  1. Advance happy valentines to you and dear hubby sis. ^0^
    i will certainly take these notes with me.