6 Memorable Keepsake Ideas for Your Kids

If your child’s birthday is coming up, or perhaps they’re getting christened, you might want to buy them a memorable gift that they’ll be able to treasure and keep forever. There are a number of keepsakes you can choose from that your child can look back on in years to come with a smile, but we’ve got the pick of the best here for you to choose from:

A Handprint and Footprint Kit

A handprint and footprint kit is great for young kids, as they’ll be able to look back one day and see just how tiny they were. It also makes a lovely decoration for your room, your child’s room, or a play room! It can get a little messy, but that’s part of the fun.

A Gold Plated YoYo

Gold plated and silver plated gifts are the perfect keepsake. You don’t necessarily have to buy them a yoyo; you could go for a gold plated engraved spoon and plate set, or something else entirely. Depending on how old they are, you could even buy them a gold plated iPod, iPad, or mobile phone from goldgenie.com! Gold and silver plated gifts are very luxurious, and are just the thing you need for an extra special occasion.

A Personalised Trinket Box

A personalised trinket box can sit on your child’s windowsill forever and hold all of their most precious small things. Pieces of jewellery, and other valuable bits and bobs will be safe in the trinket box.

A St Christopher Necklace

St Christopher’s are said to keep people safe, so what better keepsake to give to your child than a personalised St Christopher? They can keep it in a safe place until they’re big enough to wear it, or just cherish it in their jewellery/trinket box and take it out when they feel they need a bit of luck.

A Money Box

Everyone could use a money box, even small kids! It shows that you’re thinking about their future, and they can begin learning about money and saving from an early age, so you’re not only giving them a great gift but also teaching them a few valuable lessons about finance (which we could all do with, let’s be honest!). Why not get a specially engraved money box that will mean something to them?

A Photo Album

A photo album with all of their cutest and funniest baby/growing up pictures inside will be amazing to look back on when they’re a little older. You could buy a specially personalised one with their name, date of birth, and other details include; or buy a plain book and customise it yourself with their favourite colours and tidbits!

Special occasions call for special gifts, and you can’t get any better than a gold plated item or something specially engraved/personalised with a child’s details. Your gift is sure to become sentimental to them as they grow, so look at what you purchase for them as a bit of an investment!

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