8 Ways To Tempt Your Children Off The Games Machine

There is a growing problem lately with our children enjoying their bedrooms more than the outdoors, This attitude used to be reserved for teenagers but it is now affecting our once happy, younger children. It is, of course, the curse of the games machine. This technological wonder is sapping our children’s attention. We also hear about the obesity problem. I won’t go into this because, as far as I can see, fat politicians are using it as an excuse to make us feel even more guilty.  Oh, we can easily solve the problem by just confiscating the equipment but that would have an effect on our children’s social standing with their friends. Also, the games machine does have it’s benefits when it is pouring with rain. Anyone who claims that colouring books are more stimulating for children than interacting with their friends online, needs their head examining.
When the sun is shining, however, what can we do to try and tempt our children to come outside? Here are a few ideas. Some are expensive, some not so.

Kids love water, it’s a fact. It doesn’t matter in what form the water comes, but the more the merrier. Paddling pools are available for just a few pounds these days. Start filling it, and the kids will be anxiously queuing up for a splash. Even swimming pools are within most peoples price range. Simply inflate the rim and wait for it to fill. Water is the most powerful weapon in your armory.

Herb Garden
Get children involved in growing herbs with their own stylish wooden garden planters. You may have a cherished modern garden that you do not wish the kids to dig up. Treat them to a bespoke, modern planter each and your garden retains its beauty. The kids fill them with herbs and get a feeling of satisfaction when they are sent outside to harvest the crop for cooking.

Nature Garden
If you have space to set aside for nature, the younger children will spend hours bug hunting. If you create a pile of old logs, you will find no shortage of creatures.

Play Equipment
Every garden should have a swing and slide for the kids. How else can they propel themselves at breakneck speed into the swimming, or paddling pool? Play equipment comes in all price ranges. You do, however, get what you pay for.

A picnic is so simple. The child may not want to come off the games machine for lunch. Tell them they will be eating outside on a blanket, and you will soon hear the patter of feet coming down the stairs.

There is nothing to beat the shrieks of laughter when a group of children plays. Let them have friends around at every opportunity. You will soon find out which ones are well behaved and which ones never to ask over again. Mix friends with water for a very powerful combination.

Play House
Having their own den is important for children. It can be cheap and cheerful or a weatherproof palace. This obviously depends on the funds available. Buy a spray product that deters spiders if your child has that common phobia. One spider can render a playhouse useless in a child’s eyes.

Tree House
The ultimate way to get your child out of the bedroom is with a treehouse. There are companies out there which build magnificent structures. Owning your own may be a very costly affair but imagine their own pad in the trees. Specialist offer toilets, internet and power to their creations, if you can afford it. So there is nothing stopping the kids moving their games machine and television in there.
Ah, wait a minute though, I didn’t think it through did I? Good luck.

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