Advantages of Working in the Medical Industry

Most of you, my readers, know that I am a licensed but non-practising dentist. I shifted to the medical line for a few good reasons and as of this writing, I have no single regrets in doing so. Working in the healthcare industry has many advantages, but let me name 3 of it based on my personal account.

Here it is in random order:

1. Job security
When I went for interview for the clinic assistant post few years ago, the surgeon who interviewed me said I will not never regret my decision in shifting from dental to medical line because of job security. He said that once you build a good track record in the healthcare industry, chances are you will never run out of a job prospect and you will get unsolicited referrals too.

2. Health benefits
Ever since I started working in the medical line, I always get discounted (if not free) medical consultations and treatments. When I went for caesarian birth in 2011, my employer referred me an OBGynae who is his former classmate in the medical school. I was given huge discount and excellent service. On top of that, my employers also bought me a medical insurance. I didn't spend a single cent when I went for a minor surgery.

3. Service to others
Being of service to people seeking medical help is very rewarding. I feel so happy when the patients we treat gets well and flash the sweetest smiles on their faces. Even though I don't expect anything in return, people from all walks of life sometimes surprise me with little gifts. There was even one patient who told my boss that I deserved a good year end bonus for delivering an excellent service. The next day after that, I was given a handsome bonus.

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