Benefit of Interactive Learning for Kids

Reading stories or nursery rhymes to your toddler is good but getting them to interact while you read to them is more fun and engaging.

Interactive learning as defined in is a more hands-on, real world process of relaying information.


I was reading a nursery rhyme to my toddler like this:

1, 2... buckle your shoe

(I show him how to buckle his shoe)

3, 4... knock on the door

(I let him knock on the door)

(and as shown in the photo above)

5, 6... pick up the sticks

(I asked my toddler to pick up some sticks)

7, 8... lay them straight

(I asked my toddler to lay straight the sticks that he picked up)

9, 10... a big fat hen

You bet, my boy had so much fun learning the nursery rhyme. The next time you want your little one to memorize a nursery rhyme, do try interactive learning instead of the traditional passive learning.

According to, interactive learning sharpens critical thinking skills, which are fundamental to the development of analytic reasoning.

Happy teaching!

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  1. Great idea!! Makes me wish my kiddos are still toddlers... baby G looks so cuuuttee laying those sticks: )