Chillaxin' with The Girls at Chili's (Clark Quay)

Sometime last Month, I had a girls day out at Chili's, Clark Quay with my long time university friends. We met there for late lunch and stayed until around 9pm. 

Here's what we had for late lunch:

  • tripple dipper
  • country fried chicken with mashed potato, garlic bread and buttered corn on the cob
  • grilled baby back ribs with mashed potato and brocolli
  • honey-chipotle chicken with mashed potato and brocolli
  • prawn pasta with garlic bread (my pick)
  • molten chocolate cake
So it turned out, my girl friends had a hard time finishing their serving because it was too big for them. I highly recommended the molten chocolate cake for dessert as it is voted one of the best molten lava in Singapore but the girls find it too sweet. 

Came evening, we transferred at the outdoor dining area facing the Singapore river and ordered a pitcher of Presidente Margarita.

The endless banter began as we sipped on our sea salt coated glasses and did not notice the time pass by. We ordered another pitcher of Presidente Margarita and was so hesitant to part ways because we're having so much fun but we had to because it was already 9pm and I still have mommy duties to do (had to fetch my girl in school around 10pm from watching Chingay Parade).

All I can say is, it turned out to be an epic date with my girlfriends whom I seldom get to see due to my crazy busyness as a full-time working mom and part-time blogger.We all can't wait for the next round!

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  1. hmmmm I am sure I am going to love the molten chocolate cake!!!!! you won't be able to make me drink anything with a bit of alcohol in it though hahaha on second thought...I think I would! :) love yah! I wish you get to go out with your gurlfriends more often because it really helps us girls maintain our sanity hehehe :)