Dinner at Hot Tomato (Bedok Mall)


On one of the lazy Sundays, we decided to check out the newly opened Bedok Mall after dinner. It is one of those spur of the moment family trips we love doing once in a while.

Hubby agreed to an after dinner treat at Hot Tomato after some window shopping. My girl who eats too little at home unless we measure her serving is somehow voracious when it comes to outside food.

She ordered steak that came with spaghetti, lettuce and steak sauce. For a cheap steak, it's not bad at all. My girl loved it!

I ordered seafood combo to share with the hubby. The perfectly cooked pacific dory, salmon and prawn came with spaghetti, lettuce, tartar sauce and lemon wedge. Very satisfying!

I particularly enjoyed the mushroom soup that came with toasted garlic bread. It has generous mushroom bits that kept me slurping.

Bedok Mall 

Ambience: imagine dining at any fast food restaurant
Food: average
Service: average
Price Points: reasonable

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For more information about Hot Tomato, visit www.hottomato.com.sg.

Happy eating!

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